Set Up VPN Windows 10
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Windows 10 is definitely a darling for most PC users. Unlike macOS, Windows is available on several top quality laptops and it is amazing for gamers. It is less complicated than Linux and it definitely does a better job than Chrome OS.

However, even if Windows is widely accepted, not everybody is aware of how to make the best use of it. For example, even if most people know that using a VPN will improve their security on Windows, the main issue is that a lot of them don’t know to go about it. We’ll fix that by breaking down How To Set Up A VPN In Windows 10:

How Can I Install A VPN With Windows 1O?

If you want to install a VPN on Windows, the simplest way to go about it is by using the app itself. A lot of the most recent VPNs use their personal software that automatically activates VPN connections on Windows. Just adhere to these instructions:

1. Download the Installer:

For this tutorial, we will be using Private Internet Access for our VPN service, however, the instructions apply to most VPNs available today. After selecting the monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription option, select your payment, and make your purchase. As soon as you pay, you will get an email that will guide you on how to download the installer for the VPN software.

After getting the email, simply download the Private Internet Access installer from the link you received. Once that is done, put the VPN software package on your Windows 10 PC. Go to Private Internet Access’ site, where you bought the VPN software. It will start downloading the installer via your web browser. Tap “Save As” and have it saved on your desktop. By so doing, you can easily find and begin the installation of the Private Internet Access VPN software installer.

2. Install VPN Software:

After the download is wrapped up for Private Internet Access, right-tap on it with your mouse and choose “Run as administrator.” and a command prompt box will pop open on your Windows display. It will then extract and install all the required items for the VPN software to function on your Windows 10 system.

Set Up VPN Windows 10
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An install box will prompt for your permission to install the Private Internet Access VPN on your Windows 10 PC. Tap “Install.”

After that, you will need to change the connection type to TCP. To make this happen, right-tap the Private Internet Access icon in the system tray, way down on your Windows 10 taskbar. Head to and choose “Settings” with your mouse. After that, tap the “Advanced” button.

Set Up VPN Windows 10
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Choose “TCP” in the top drop-down box where UDP is visible as the default. After that, either choose your connection location or use “Auto.” If you would prefer to use IPV6, it will be wise to untick “IPV6 leak protection.” Whether you untick the “IPV6 leak protection” or not is completely up to you. Leak protection safeguards your personal info from “leaking” onto the Internet, which would affect your privacy and security.

Set Up VPN Windows 10
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After choosing the right settings, tap “Save.” Lastly, right-tap “Private Internet Access” in the system tray, way down on your Windows 10 taskbar. Once that is done, move up to “Connect” and tap it to connect through a VPN.

That is that.

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