YouTube TV has done its bit to take the entire cord-cutting movement to greater heights. Do you want to watch live TV, sports, news, record your preferred TV shows for later viewing, or browse through an exciting archive of past programming, a YouTube TV subscription takes care of that for you.

YouTube TV is not a less costly alternative to cable. Its monthly package can be compared to the amount you would part with for legacy cable providers. But the several ways you can enjoy the content and programmes available to you makes YouTube TV a unique service.

As soon as you are done paying for a YouTube TV subscription, simple instructions have to be adhered to allow for initial customization. These are the steps to take if you wish to set up your account and get more out of it:

How Can I Navigate The 3 Main Tabs On A YouTube TV Account?

These available tabs are LIBRARY, HOME, and LIVE. “Home” is where YouTube recommends things for you to watch.

Click “+” close to programs you fancy if you want to add them to your library, and YouTube TV will instantly record all programs as they air. You will then be able to access them all in “Library.”

“Live” will display everything that is playing at the moment. You can see your local live broadcast channels and view sports, local news, or catch primetime shows airing on those broadcast networks. Users are able to swipe down further to view more than seventy popular cable networks and local sports networks.

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How Can I Customize My Live Guide On YouTube TV?

It is possible to personalize the Live tab to suit your viewing preferences. For instance, you can easily reorder networks in the guide or even keep specific networks hidden so that just your preferred networks will be visible.

To get this done, choose “Sort” on the Live tab, click “Edit” and personalize your Live tab.

How Can I Set Up Live Recordings And Build A Library?

It is possible to add any show, sports team, event, movie, e.t.c to your library by clicking “+”. YouTube TV will record all present and future airings.

It is possible to add as many programs to your library as you want – YouTube TV adds unrestricted cloud-based DVR space, and recording will not occupy space on your device.

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How Can I Watch YouTube TV On My Smart TV Or Gaming System?

It is possible to watch YouTube TV on several smart TVs and gaming systems. Useful options are Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, Android TV, and a few Samsung, LG and Vizio models. Amazon Fire TV will become another option soon. Users can even stream on their television with AirPlay, Google Chromecast, or a Chromecast-enabled TV.

How Can I Search For Shows, Sports, And Movies By Genre?

Go to the search area by tapping the magnifying glass at the top right. Simply search through general stuff like Sports, News, or Movies and so on. Or, you can just search for a particular series, movie or televised event.

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