How to set up Chrome Guest Mode on your computer

If you regularly surf the internet and use browsers, it is important that you take privacy very seriously, especially in this time and age. A lot of people; friends and strangers on the internet are waiting for the slimmest chance to access your personal data for their malicious intentions. You are even at greater risk when you lend your personal computer out.

Setting up Guest mode on the Google Chrome browser will help you reduce the risk of losing your data to unauthorized individuals.

What is Chrome Guest mode?

It is a feature on the Google Chrome browser that allows you to create a separate web browser for guests using your computer, it works like a new identity on the web browser. When you quit the browser quits, all the data; cookies and history are wiped clear.

How to set up Chrome Guest Mode

  • On your Computer, open the Chrome browser
  • At the top-right corner of the browser, click the icon with the alphabet.
  • Next, a drop-down menu will show up, select “Open Guest Window

This will ensure that your Guest doesn’t have access to your browsing history, saved password, bank transaction details, file downloads, etc.

To remove Guest mode, just select “Exit Guest” at the top-right side of the browser. Your browsing history, cookies will be deleted immediately.

NOTE: Although Guest mode doesn’t save your history and other browsing activities, all activities might still be visible to:

  • Your internet service provider (ISP)
  • Websites you visited
  • If you use a web service like Facebook or Gmail, browsing activities might be saved on the site that recognizes such an account.
  • Your employer or whoever runs the network you’re using

Using this feature is a must if you have friends and strangers who make use of your computer frequently. You are confident that your personal data is secure.

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