Revolut card
Revolut card

Revolut is a new fintech service available in Italy for all Android and iOS users. It is a platform similar to that of Hype (or YAP), and therefore focused on money management through application and above all a prepaid card. The latter is presented to us in two different versions: physical and digital. Obviously, both share the same balance, the same characteristics and the same limits. However, these limits do not apply to daily and monthly expenses, unless the user himself decides to place them. Today we will see just how to change the aforementioned setting and therefore create a maximum spending threshold not to be exceeded during the current month.

How to limit monthly expenses with Revolut

To customize Revolut’s spending limits, it will obviously be necessary to have the application dedicated to card management, on your smartphone, whether it is Android or iOS. These limits 

will be shared between the physical and virtual cards and will therefore remain unchanged regardless of the payment method used.

Unfortunately, at least for the moment, it is not possible to choose a specific category of purchases, but only to limit the money 

“to spend” in that particular month.

  • Open the “Revolut” application
  • Log in with your credentials
  • Move to the “Cards” section at the bottom right
  • Go down to the list and select “Limit”
  • Activate the toggle at the top right
  • Choose the maximum amount you want not to exceed monthly
  • Click on “Set limit”

Within the same screen, it will then be possible to view the progress of the expenses and what is still available. There will also be the possibility to disable the option and change the limit just added. The same amount of money will also take ATM withdrawals into consideration.

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