iPhone Xs Max
iPhone Xs Max

Yes, you can show battery percentage on iPhone Xs Max and In this guide, we will be showing you how to do so. If you own and have used a unit of the iPhone Xs Max then you would noticed the absence of the battery percentage on the top right corner of the screen, just beside the graphical indicator which is where it is on older iPhone models. However, things have changed. The iPhone Xs Max has a notch which means that it had to take a chunk of the top part of the screen to house the camera and sensors.

This has led to the Removal of some of the things on the top part of the iPhone screen, one of which is the battery percentage. This leaves only the graphical indicator which doesn’t tell the exact battery percentage. If you’re aren’t a fan of the battery percentage or probably had it turned off in your previous iPhone then this new development wouldn’t bother you. However, if you are a fan of the battery percentage on iPhone then you’d be Happy to know the battery percentage wasn’t totally removed. You just have to go through a different way to see it which we will be teaching you here.

How To Show Battery Percentage on iPhone Xs Max

The battery percentage needed to br somewhere it would be easily accessible with probably one tap or a swipe which was why it was moved to the Control Center. The Control Center now houses both the battery percentage and graphical indicator. When you swipe down from the right side of the notch, you’ll access the control center in which you’ll be able to see the battery percentage as well as the battery graphical indicator. When you swipe up to dismiss the control center, you’re left with only the battery graphical indicator.

So whenever you wanna check or show battery percentage on iPhone Xs Max simply just swipe down fr the right side of the notch and voila! The battery percentage is now available. You can just Swipe down half way, check the battery percentage and swipe up if you wanna check the battery percentage fast.


That’s how to show battery percentage on iPhone Xs Max. If you can’t find the battery percentage In the control center then someone must have turned it off. To turn it back on, simply go to Settings, Look for battery and Toggle the Show battery percentage back On.

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