How to show battery percentage on Windows laptop

If you have a laptop with Windows 10, you will have noticed that it has the same defect of any Android phone. Show only an icon that is slowly emptied instead of seeing the percentage of the battery in the taskbar.

Fortunately, on Android, it is enough to change the battery configuration and activate the percentage, but unfortunately, on Windows 10, the same thing does not happen. In fact, it is necessary to use third-party applications to achieve the same effect.

In this article, we will look at how to show the percentage of the battery in the taskbar of a laptop with windows 10.

How to show the percentage of the battery on a windows laptop

The taskbar is one of the most popular features of Windows users. In it we can anchor our favorite programs, but it is also a place where we always have some visible information such as time, date, access to the volume control of our speakers and the battery level icon.

If we click on the battery icon or mouse over it, Windows 10 shows us the percentage of battery left in our laptop. However, surely many users would like the percentage always in sight, without having to click or position the mouse on the battery icon.

To do this, we will have to resort to some third-party applications. Some of them simply replace the battery icon shown in the taskbar with a number representing the percentage of battery, while there is another one like BaterryBar, which shows a battery icon in the taskbar with the percentage of the battery left. 

To start seeing the percentage of battery always in plain view of Windows 10 activity bar, the first thing we have to do is download some of these free tools. 

From this same link you can download BatteryBar, but if you prefer another free software with which to show the percentage of battery left in place of the battery icon, you can download BatteryPercentage or Percentage which are other good alternatives.

These three applications will display the percentage of battery in the taskbar instead of the icon that appears by default. 

In the case of Battery Percentage and Percentage only the percentage of the remaining battery will be displayed , while if we decide to use BatteryBar, we will see a bigger battery icon and inside, with the colored background, the percentage of battery left in the laptop so You can always have it visible without having to stop writing and having to click on the Windows 10 battery icon.

Furthermore, if we click on this icon, we will see information on the characteristics of our battery. With BatteryBar you can show the percentage of battery or the amount of time left before remaining autonomous.


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