How to Sideload Apps on your Android TV


Android is an app-based system. We use apps to do everything on our phones and we usually have some that we use every day. Sometimes your favorite app is downloaded from the Play Store or sometimes it is described as incompatible with your device.

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Whatever the reason, there is a simple job to do. Each Android device will have the ability to install apps without using the Play Store. I'll show you how. Follow me.

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Does your Smart TV have few applications? No problem, you can also load all the Android apps that theoretically would not be compatible. Instead, they work, and well. Here's how.

It is possible to effectively install non-Play Store apps on any phone, tablet or other Android devices by enabling a simple switch. This practice is called "sideloading".

Android apps come in the form of a file called APK. Suppose you want to download an APK file from the Google Play Store. If you have an Android TV device, it will have a very limited version of Play Store if it has one.

So what you should do is find a Play Store APK file, transfer it to your Android TV device, then install the app. Ok, I think you understand, let's move on. There are many different sites where APK files can be found.

Transfer the APK to your device

If you have not downloaded the APK directly on your device, you will need to transfer it. This can be done using a USB drive, or by connecting the phone to the computer, or using Bluetooth or a cloud service. My favorite method is to have a folder on my Dropbox account where I store all my APKs. So as soon as I log in to Dropbox from a new Android device, I will have access to all my APKs.

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Install the APK

By default, Android will block the installation of APKs that are not from the Play Store. They do this to prevent the installation of malicious apps on your terminal. So first we will tell Android to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources.

Now we will use your file explorer to navigate to the saved APK and install it. Select Install, you can overwrite an existing app, press Install again. If the app is compatible with your device, it will be installed correctly.

And that's how you run an app sideload on your Android device. The best part of this is that your device does not need to be root or modified in any way. Everything will work immediately after installing the application.

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