How to solve the Galaxy S10 not charging problem

On today’s article, we want to seat on Galaxy S10 matter and solve the dilemma as regards to charging problem. Well, you know Samsung is one of the coolest phones and one of its usual issues is the charging problem. Today, we will reveal to you how to solve the Galaxy S10 issue that stopped charging. Now let’s begin.

How to solve Galaxy S10 not charging problem

There is no actual way to know what brought about the charging problem. But in other, for us to identify the cause of this problem, we must perform some troubleshooting steps to detect and fix this problem.

Forced reboot

Before doing any phone troubleshooting, it’s always a brilliant idea, to begin with refreshing your phone's system. A lot of bugs are solved by simply restarting a phone. In your case, we advise that you go beyond the normal restart, so you need to do a forced reboot. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Click and hold the Power and the Volume Down keys until the phone power cycles. Take Note: Allow numerous seconds for the Maintenance Boot Mode screen to show up.
  2. And as for the Maintenance Boot Mode screen, choose Normal Boot. You can use the volume keys to cycle through the options that are available and the lower left keys (below the volume keys) to choose. Also, Let up to 90 seconds for the reset to done.
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Make sure your charging accessories are perfectly working

If restarting your phone did not work well, the next thing to do is to see if the charging adapter and the cable are working well. One of the reasons for a lot of charging issues is using a bad charging cable and adapter. Ensure that you check yours to assist you to save effort and time. In other to do this, you can simply try to use other accessories.

You also need to check your charging port

If you’ve ensured that there’s no problem coming from your charging accessories, then you need to now carefully check your charging port to make sure that the problem is not coming from that angle. Also, ensure that there is no dirt or lint inside the port that can stop the cable from connecting well. To check the charging port, you can use magnifying equipment. If there’s no sign of dirt inside, then that fine, but if you notice dirt inside the port then you need to use a can of compressed air to wipe it out.

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Use a wireless charger

After checking out the above and the problem still occurs, then you need to make use of a wireless charger. This will surely work out. If your Galaxy S10 still charges wirelessly, then be glad as you will be able to still make use of this functionality. Bear in mind though that fast wireless charging is still even slower compared to that of the cable charging. But if you’re okay with it, then that’s fine.

If all this doesn’t still work, then you need to take your phone to a repairer or to any nearby Samsung office so they can help you fix it.


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