Is your Android Smartphone lagging? We’ve got some quick step guides on how to speed of that slow android device and make it perform Like a brand new one again. Here are my quick steps on How To Speed Up Your Slow Android Device:

Delete and disable unnecessary apps


You might have downloaded tons of apps you don’t even use anymore and might have forgotten to uninstall them, well now is the time to do so. This unwanted apps take precious space on your phone memory. The more these apps stay on your phone the more your device could even get slower, so why not start uninstalling those apps today

Clear the cache data

Cache data are stored locally on your Android device meaning the system can reduce loading times when trying to surf the Internet BUT there’s a big issue you seen this cache can build up and become very heavy on your smartphone’s internal storage

How do I clear cached data? It’s very simple. The option is available for every apps through the app manager, or just download a good cache clearing app from the play store

Clean your device storage


If you stock pile music and videos that you don’t actually watch try deleting them as they make your devices lag lot for no good reason. Deleting this unwanted files helps free up some memory on your phone resulting in a smoother and overall better device

Rock Clean KODI Add-On: the best Cache Cleaner Wizard

If you follow this few steps of mine you will begin to notice that your Android phone will get faster as you use it. Leave us a comment below if this worked for you.


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