Facebook Spy
Facebook Spy

Are you worried about what your loved ones are doing on their Facebook accounts? With a Facebook monitoring and spy app, you can know who they are chatting with and the content of their chat instead of not sleeping at night.

Facebook is a secure application that has undergone many hacks in past years. This situation made her change the privacy conditions and increase her security. Nonetheless, a Facebook spying and tracking app can help you know what your kids and employees are doing online. It is not at all easy to

spy on someone else’s Facebook, but it is possible.

How to spy on Facebook? What does an app spy on Facebook?

  • Recover messages: since you are not a professional hacker, you can use the Facebook monitoring and spy app to recover messages deleted from your spouse or children device.
  • Record surrounding voices. It will surprise you to know that you can use the Facebook spy app to record voices around your target device, regardless of where it is located.
  • No root: not all Facebook spying and tracking apps require you to root before you can spy on them. So you don’t have to worry about how to temporarily take the target device just to install the app on your target device.
  • Remote monitoring: you can be sure that even if you enter a hostile environment, you will be safe. You can do this by having someone watch your back. The target device should not be in the same location you were in before you started spying on them. You can spy on device data from afar.
  • Economic tariff plans: one of the things that make people lose interest in using an application is the cost. Some Facebook spying and tracking apps, you can get them for free, while others don’t cost much. You can always sign up for a monthly, quarterly, or annual plans.

1. How to spy on someone else’s Facebook with mSpy

Free version: Yes (7 day trial period)

mSpy is one of the best Facebook spying and location apps you should take a look at. It is compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems. It also has excellent features and many useful features.

This Facebook spy and monitoring app collects data from the target device and displays it on the dashboard so you can spy successfully. Both quantitative and qualitative data can be collected using this application, which ranges from text messages to call logs and contact details on the target device.

mSpy works mainly on two packages which are the basic and premium plans. As usual, the premium plan is more robust than the basic package. The basic package is missing some features from the premium package.

GPS monitoring, viewing and retrieval of deleted messages and call monitoring can be done using the mSpy application. This Facebook spy and tracking app shows you the map that leads to your target device for a limited time.

The mSpy app framework allows you to monitor and block websites. This way, you can keep tabs on your employees and know who your loved one is spending time with online. You will get to know the websites you frequently visit and the pages they have bookmarked.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Hidden during installation
  • It tracks the GPS location of the target device
  • Easy to use interface
  • Geo functionality
  • Monitor web history, text messages, calls and other types of data


  • Rooting is necessary if the target device has the Android operating system

2. Spyic – Has the function of keylogger

Spyic is one of the best Facebook spying apps that exist in the world today. This app is a complete package that does everything a Facebook spy app and a tracking app should do. It tracks the location of the target device, monitors and records the calls made on that device.

When installing the app on the target device, it will be invisible and cannot be viewed by the owner of the target device. The app can also be summoned by you using a secret code. For iOS, there is no need to directly install the app to spy on the target device as this can be done remotely. The installation does not take time because its size is very small (less than 2 MB).

Spyic doesn’t need you to root or jailbreak the target device you want to spy on. It uses cutting edge technology to circumvent the security of the target device regardless of whether it is root or not. The owner of the target device will never know about installing the app on his phone because the memory space he consumes is very small.

Another powerful feature of Spyic is its keylogger which allows you to keep track of all the activities activated by a button. It is as if you see everything that has been done on the target device. You can spy on Facebook messages and other Facebook activities.

Spyic is a reliable application because it has existed for many years. You don’t need to install an application on your PC or phone to spy on other devices because it works like a web-based application. Its dashboard gives you the tools you need to successfully spy on your girlfriend’s Facebook.


  • It can track the location of the device
  • Can monitor calls
  • Record all call logs
  • Keylogger functionality
  • Spy on other social media besides Facebook


  • No free plan

3. Hoverwatch – Can access all files sent and received on Facebook

Hoverwatch is definitely the best Facebook spy app. It helps you access text messages, record calls and track the location of the target device. The application can access any file sent or received on social media platforms.

It is a very convenient application to use. The spy app will be unknown to the owner of the target device. You can go up to view calendar entries, web history, saved notes and contacts on your device.

Hoverwatch offers a feature that shows you the person using the device at any time. Secretly take users’ photos as soon as they unlock the device. This function is peculiar to the Hoverwatch application.

It allows the tracking of social media platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, Skype and WhatsApp. It’s very cheap when it comes to pricing compared to other Facebook spy and tracking apps. It also offers great features that are commensurate with subscription costs.

In addition, Hoverwatch has a reliable GPS locator because it provides an accurate location of the target device through its Wi-Fi and GPS hotspot. This Facebook spy and tracking app can provide the location of the target device without using its GPS.


  • It has the invisible mode mode
  • Easy to use
  • No root is needed
  • Can take screenshots


  • App installation is only possible when the phone is physically present.

4. Cocospy: easy to configure

Cocospy is a reliable Facebook spying and location app that has existed for some time. Its user base is spread all over the world. The way it works is simple. The application is very simple to configure and still has advanced features that can access the target device even if it is not rooted.

Cocospy is virus-free, user-controlled and reliable, unlike most spy apps you can’t rely on. The application remains hidden after installation. You can view multimedia files, download them, check contact details and get full access to the user’s Facebook messenger.


  • No root or jailbreak
  • Remote monitoring
  • Live demonstration
  • Keylogger function
  • Hidden installation
  • Full access to Facebook Messenger

5. How to spy Facebook with SpyToMobile: root is not required

Free version: Yes

SpyToMobile is one of Facebook’s best spy and monitoring apps. Record the location and details of the phone you want to spy on. The recorded data is uploaded to the online control panel.

Retrieve the details, URL, photo and email of the target device. It does not require the root of the target device. Although it is not compatible with iOS devices, it is compatible with Android devices for version 2.3 and later.


  • Live demo possible
  • It works in discrete mode
  • Download the software without physical access to the target device
  • Geofence notifications are sent via email and SMS
  • Recover deleted messages
  • It offers affordable prices


  • Obsolete user interface
  • Requires root for some versions of the Android device

With Facebook’s monitoring and spying apps, you can spy on Facebook of your loved ones and your employees to know the content and the person they always chat with on Facebook and other social media platforms.


Do all Facebook spying and tracking apps work remotely?

Most existing Facebook spy and tracking apps work remotely, but not all of them.

Do I need to request authorization from the target device user?

For some applications like mSpy, you need to take the target Android device and directly install the spy app, while for iOS it is not necessary to have the device.

Is it legal to use Facebook’s spy and location app?

These applications have legal support and this is why some of them only allow you to spy on Facebook and monitor devices of young people under the age of 18.

What does geo-sensing function mean?

It is an integrated feature of some Facebook spying and location apps that allow you to obtain information on areas or objects remotely. It works on the basis of the science of remote sensing.

How easy is it to install Facebook spy and monitoring apps?

The same way you install any application downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Store is the same way you install them. The slight difference is that you will have to pay before installation if it is not a free version.

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