How to stop automatic download of photos in WhatsApp in 3 steps

Unless you've already done these steps, one of the most annoying things about WhatsApp is the way the app automatically downloads photos and videos to your smartphone.

Especially if you use the application daily and are included in several groups, it is very easy to occupy hundreds of MB of the memory of your smartphone without taking into account. What's worse is that most of these files are going to be those annoying memes that that "friend" loves to send every day...

However, there is a very easy way to prevent this from happening. By following these simple steps, you'll be able to avoid filling your smartphone with unnecessary junk. What's more, you'll be able to ensure that photos that can prove to be truly inconvenient are not lost on your smartphone.

3 steps is all you need to do away with automatic WhatsApp downloads

It does not matter if you have an Android smartphone, or an iPhone, the steps to take are equally simple and effective on both platforms. When you finish the process, you will need to click on the images/photos that are sent to you, just that way they will be stored on your smartphone.

Finish automatic photo download on WhatsApp for Android

  • Within WhatsApp, access app settings
  • Opens the "Data and Storage"
  • In the "Automatic Downloads" section you will need to click "When using mobile data"
  • Make sure none of the options are selected and you're done!

Finish automatic photo download on WhatsApp for iOS

  • Within WhatsApp, go to the "Settings"
  • Open the section "Use of Data and Storage"
  • You will need to click on "Photos"
  • Just select the "Never" option and you're done!

These are steps so simple to realize, that it is even hard to believe that they can prove to be so useful. From now on, you can rest assured that you will not run out of available storage on your smartphone because of the mess your friends send you on WhatsApp.


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