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If you would like to stop Google photos auto Backup on your Android or iPhone device this you’ve definitely come to the right place.

The Google Photos App for Android and iOS devices is not only a good way to backup your Photos to Google servers. It is also a very good gallery app. A gallery app that automatically stores any Photo you take to servers so when you switch phones, all you’ll have to do is to simply download the Google photos app from the Google play store for Android or Apple app store for iOS, Log In to the same email address you were using before and boom! All your photos gets downloaded from Google servers straight to your phone.

This is a very useful tool for people who switch phones a lot and provides a safe place to store your photos. However, this process takes a chunk out your data and unless you are connected to a WiFi network, it might become a problem – uploading every picture that gets to your phone. This might be the reason why it is best to switch off the Google photos auto Backup.

Whenever you need to Backup your photos or videos again, you can always go to the settings and switch it back instead of being caught unawares with the enormous data usage used to automatically back up your photos and videos. To stop Google photos auto Backup on your Android device or iPhone device, follow the steps Below.

How To Stop Google Photos Auto Backup On Android/iPhone

  • Open the Google Photos App and Click on the Three Horizontal Line, Then Tap On Settings from the pop out Menu.
  • Click on BackUp & Sync and Toggle the Switch Off.

Doing that will stop your photos and videos from automatically backing up and saving a copy of all your photos on Google’s server.

If you still want to use the feature but are bothered about the data usage, then you can reduce the the upload quality in the settings Menu.


The Google Photos Auto Backup is definitely a big yes for me. Whenever I wanna switch phones, or my phone gets stolen, my pictures are usually the last thing on my mind as I know it is fully backed up online. All I need to do is to get a new phone and simply install the Google photos app and voila, All my pictures are back. Of course its gonna take a whole lot of data but it’s always worth it.

So have you made your choice yet ? Are you going to stop Google photos auto Backup on your device or are you going to leave it on ? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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