How to program automatic replies on Instagram
How to program automatic replies on Instagram

Social media is all about improving your social skills. And as we already know, tagging is one important tool you can use to ensure you partake in a more collective experience. Anytime you tag an account on Instagram, it will trigger a notification for the person you tagged (except when a private account user tags an account that is not following him or her.) To break things down, let’s show you How To Tag Someone In An Instagram Post, Story, Or Comment?:

How Can I Tag Someone On Instagram?

There are 4 ways to tag (or mention) people on the Instagram mobile application for Android or iOS. We will expatiate on all four below:

How To Tag Someone In A Fresh Instagram Post?

Anytime you tag an account in a post, it will be seen on their profile, under “Photos and videos of you.” To do the above, Just:

  • Launch your Instagram application.
  • Create a fresh post by clicking the plus symbol, edit the picture then click “Next.”
  • After you are done editing your picture, click “Next” once more.
  • Type your post as always, but before publishing, click “Tag People.”

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  • Click the picture where you wish for the tag to appear, then type in the name or username of the individual and click to select them.

  • Click “Done” on your iPhone or tap the checkmark on your Android phone.
  • Click “Share” and publish your post.


How To Tag Someone In An Existing Instagram Post?

  • Launch your Instagram application.
  • Toggle over to your profile and find the post you wish to tag an account in.
  • Click the 3 dots on top of the picture or clip and choose “Edit.”

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  • Click “Tag People” and type in their name or username, then click to choose the proper user.

How To Tag Someone In A Comment On Instagram?

Technically, it is not possible to tag accounts in a comment. However, you can mention their username and it will not be different from the result you get with tagging. See how to make it happen:

  • Click the speech bubble icon under a post to make a comment
  • Type your message then add “@”, then begin to type the Instagram account’s username.

  • Tap the right username to tag them in your comment.


How To Tag Someone In An Instagram Story?

  • Click the camera icon, seen in the top-left side of your display.
  • Capture a picture or video to create your story (or choose one by clicking the thumbnail of your previous picture in the bottom-left corner of the screen), and then click “Aa” in the top right corner.
  • Type “@” and then start entering their username. When that is done, choose the individual you wish to tag by clicking their username when it is visible.

Tagging an account in your story will create a link to that account’s Instagram profile. The individual you tagged will receive a notification and a DM inside the app, revealing a preview of your story. Also, note that you are restricted to ten tags for one photo or video story.

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