The iPhone is the most desired device ever. In today’s guide, let’s see how to take a selfie on iPhone with VoiceOver following an easy and quick procedure suitable for everyone.

The selfie is now the fashion of the moment, be self-shots has become the pastime of many boys. Did you know that even a blind or partially sighted person can safely take a selfie? But how can he do it independently? We need to know that with the latest versions of Apple’s iOS operating system it is very easy for someone with vision problems to take a picture with their iPhone. All this is possible thanks to the VoiceOver function.

  1. First of all, with VoiceOver active, open the camera of your iPhone;
  2. When the camera is open, look for a camera selection with your finger. The key remains at the top right, you can also use the flick, from left to right, or vice versa, to look for the key;
  3. Once you’ve managed to find it, set the camera as a front camera;
  4. Now comes the best part. Take the iPhone in your hand so that the front camera is directed towards your face;
  5. Note that the camera lens is at the top, near the speaker with which we hear the phone calls, centrally aligned horizontally;
  6. Bring your phone to a distance of about 50 cm from your face, keeping in mind that the sensor remains at the top;
  7. Try to look at the iPhone and listen to the instructions that VoiceOver will give;
  8. VoiceOver will quickly show you the position of the face perfectly. If the face is not centered properly, VoiceOver will inform you if the face is closer to the right, left, top or bottom edge. In practice VoiceOver will tell you in what position the face is compared to the center of the display;
  9. Take the selfie as soon as you hear VoiceOver say: a face, big face, centered. To take the picture just use the classic volume buttons and you’re done.

Each photo taken, in conclusion, you will find it in the Photos app of your iPhone. Touch it with a finger, VoiceOver will not tell you if the position of the face is correct, but only if the photo is clear and well lit. A very useful advice not to be overlooked, if the photo is not properly lighted and clear another one near a brighter source and always holding the hand as firm as possible.


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