How To Tell That Friend That He Sucks At Fortnite Battle Royale?


Everybody that has played a competitive game has engaged in this conversation at one point or the other.

Video games have developed over the years and these days, rather than destroying your friends that are terrible at a game you enjoy, you regularly have to play alongside them vs others.

Most times, this is seen as a bonding experience and an opportunity to connect with your friends against common enemies.

Fortnite was indeed a beautiful platform to unite people over a game, but since Arena Mode was added, playing with friends is now more difficult.

If you do not joke with your rank, backpacking your buddies can become tiring and complicated. I mean doing s might mean you seeing your rank reducing and that is something we all hate.

Suddenly, those you played Fortnite with for more than 1 year cannot give you what you want at your Arena rank.

Pubs can be played with your friends definitely, but it can be hard to tell an old playing friend that you need to rock Arena for now and will have to reject their invite.

So till Epic includes a way to appear offline, friends will persist with the invites you do ot wish to accept and difficult conversations will have to be had.

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How Can I Tell My Friends That They Just Aren’t That Good At Fortnite Battle Royale?

One of the toughest problems with telling someone that he is just not good enough at a game is that he’ll actually believe he is better than he is.

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Some will agree with you, or even get fed up of playing in Arena ranks more advanced than their skill set, but others will blame everything else but themselves.

If this is the situation, then its best to just be honest. Engage in constructive criticism and feed off how they react. If they instantly blame you for a mistake, the time to stop playing with them competitively is now.

If you really like them as a friend or if they are the kind of friend you see regularly, here are some ways to stay away from just hitting the nail on the head and saying a heartfelt, "Bro, you suck at this."

  1. “Sorry, I’m trying to rank up at the moment and we don’t play very well as a team.”
  2. “I’m tired, so my call outs are weak, let’s play another time.”
  3.  “My mic isn’t functioning well so I’m going to stick to solos.”
  4. “Sorry pal, we always lose when we play together.”

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Or, you can just go all in and be rude, which is my way:

  1. “You’re Fortnite skills belong in the dustbin. You couldn’t hit a head shot even if everyone resembled Jimmy Neutron.”
  2.  “The hell? I should just get a revive van since its the only place I ever go when I play with you.”
  3. “We’ve been rocking Fortnite for more than one year now and somehow you still need to look at your controller when you build.”
  4.  “No, i am done. I will not hot-drop with you and die before the bus has crossed the island.”
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You must know that Fortnite Battle Royale is only a game and not something too serious to break up friendships over.

Your friends will be always be more important, but i get it, some of us are more competitive as Cristiano Ronaldo sometimes.

We can only wait for Epic to include that vital mode that will allows us to decide to appear offline.

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