It came to our notice that millions of Apple users worldwide find it hard to cancel subscriptions on their Apple phones. The knowledge of canceling a subscriptions on iPhones and iPads is not rampant because Apple hasn’t made the process obvious, even those that do know, once they don’t do it often, they tend to forget the process. It is not only that, recently, Apple changed something in iOS update, Apple change how iPhone and iPad users cancel or terminate subscription in App Store, thankfully, they changed it in a way that it is easier than the way it was before.

The truth is that things become easy when you know how to do it the right way and becomes hard if you practically don’t know how to go about it. In other words, terminating Apple app subscription becomes easy when you have the little knowledge on how to do it but becomes hard if you don’t know how to do it, based on that, this article will help you cancel your subscription on your iPhone and iPad, when reading it read between the line, mind you. MISS NO STEP

How To Terminate App Subscription On iPhones and Ipad

Step 1: tap the settings on your Apple devices home screen

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Step 2: select the role on the top of the screen, displaying,” apple id” “ cloud” “Itunes” and “apps store” below your account name.

Step 3: choose the iTunes and app stores in the on-screen menu

Step 4: tap Apple ID on the top of the screen, the email associated with your account will be displayed in blue color next to Apple ID, and apple id dialog box will be displayed in the center of the screen

Step 5: take your cursor to ”view applied and click it, the account setting screen will be displayed on your iPhone and iPad will be displayed.

Step 6: move down the on-screen menu to locate subscription and enter subscriptions. A list of subscription you can make use of through your apple id appears on the screen

Step 7: tap the subscription you want to cancel, information screen associated with that subscription appears, the information screen will present the list of available options, associated with that subscription, such as canceling or renewing that subscription. The available option will vary from “subscription to subscription,” but you should also see the equivalent button to cancel the subscription or an obvious link that will take you to your location where you can cancel your subscription

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Step 8: tap the cancel subscription button or its equivalent after locating it, doing this, a confirm confirmation dialog box appears, this dialog box will contain a message letting you know how long you have access to this service after you cancel.

Step 9: tap “confirm” in the dialog box, automatically the dialog box disappears, and you will be returned to the information screen for that specific subscription which will likely present you to the list of option for re-subscribing to that particular service

NOTE: if you make any changes, you can tap the back error in the upper left corner of the screen to enable it back to the list of the subscription associated with your Apple ID, or you can press the home button to enable it to your iPad or iPhone home screen.

With these steps, you can successfully terminate or delete apps on your iPhone or Ipads


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