How To Text A Boy You Like?

Being the one to make the first move is pretty difficult.

How confident, outspoken and social you are is of no use, the first move will always be hard.

If you’ve got his number but you are yet to go on your first date, an SMS or 2 could start a connection before that happens. So how can you text a boy you like without looking desperate or stupid?

You need things to begin on a promising note so you must give the medium you will make use of a deep thought. Without meeting him in person to get your message across, you need to be cautious with how you use your words.

There are some ways this can be done, but it depends on you, the boy in question and the situation between the two of you. Below are some instructions to adhere to when you make the first move over SMS.

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1. Know Your Audience

Think about the smallest things you know about the boy. Does he fancy a funny girl, a flirty chick, self-deprecation or a smart lady? Is he confident and does he even like you? Knowing who you are sending an SMS to can help you to make that first move.

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2. Do Not Be Someone Else

Be yourself. You might think you should try to be hilarious when you are not that funny, be flirty when you are normally very reserved or do things you will not do on a regular day, but trust me, that will be a mistake. This is why lots of dating experts always tell you to simply be yourself, because it helps all the time. If the guy likes you already, he will already like some things about you. So why will you choose to conceal what he likes about you to be someone he might not even fancy?

Staying true to yourself is important to make a relationship work. Do not build anything on a lie.

3. Read That Text Again

We all like sending that super quick text without reading it again to confirm if anything is off or whether a spellchecker came up with a totally different word. Getting to know someone should not start with that. You are putting yourself out there so you must present your best self. Type your text cautiously and read it again before you eventually send.

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4. What To Send To A Guy You Like?

Realizing what you intend to pass across in your text is as vital as how you send an SMS. This is totally up to yourself, the guy in question and what you both share at the time. When you are certain about that, decide on the text that befits the situation.

5. Tease Him

Humor is key when it comes to building all types of relationships and a little teasing here and there or poking fun is a massive way to begin. It lets him know you are not an exaggeratedly shy person. Do not take things too far though and monitor his responses. Teasing about stuffs he likes, football, music is a great way to start.

6. Self-Depreciating Humor

More on humour, self-depreciation is highly massive. Just ensure it is not taken too far and be aware of when you need to stop. It makes people see you as a very confident person that does not take herself too seriously. It also shows that you are able to loosen up if you want to.

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7. Make Him Imagine

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If you feel he is prepared for it, do not hesitate to flirt with him and make him imagine things. The “What are you wearing” game can be very handy here, plus it is interesting to play over text. Making use of a visual language? all the better. Do not reveal so much too quickly though, but flirting works trust me.

Instead of “I am so eager to see you,” type “I really want to kiss you right now and feel your arms around me.” Their meaning is identical but the effect both will have is very different. You get what i mean?

8. Play Games

There are several games that can be played over text in the early stages of a relationship. For example, guess the answer, kiss, marry avoid, 20 questions, truth or dare, trivia challenge and so on. They will help create a bond between you and him.


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