Did you know that you can train Face ID on your iPhone X to recognize different facial expressions from you? Well, the facial recognition technology on the iPhone X is smart enough to know certain facial expressions.

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Although the facial recognition on the iPhone X has certain limitations and it is not able to recognize out-of-the-box facial changes, it still works very well in learning some cool changes. So, you can set your iPhone X to unlock when you make certain facial expressions like resting your palms on your chin, making a smirk, and much more. Head over to learn how to do this.

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How to Train iPhone X Face ID to Recognize Different Facial Expressions

Face ID can pick up minor changes to your face. However, Face ID has some limitations and it cannot recognize certain facial changes.

Face ID will not be able to recognize your face if you are wearing a scarf which totally covered your face. Also, it will not work if you cover your nose with your hand.

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  1. First of all, position your iPhone X in front of your face making a certain expression to unlock your device. You can make different expressions such as closing an eye with a smile, etc.
  2. Most likely, Face ID will not recognise your face because of the expression and it will not unlock your iPhone. If Face ID does not recognize your face, swipe upwards from the bottom of the Lock screen and enter your Passcode to unlock your device.
  3. Now, lock your device and try unlocking it with the same facial expression again.

Face ID will now be able to unlock your device using the facial expression.

That’s it.

Wrapping Up

SO how has your experience with the Face ID on the iPhone X been? Share your feedback in the comments section below. If you have any questions, make sure to share them in the comments section below too.

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  1. Wounderfull I never someone can train his or her device to recognize facial expression,that great from iPhone,and I never knew we have an humble admin who could share this post,kudos to you.


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