In Jurassic World Evolution, you might face an emergency which will require you to tranquillize your dinosaurs and put them to sleep. The most common case where you might need to do this is when one of your dinosaurs escapes into the park and is causing havoc.

When you go through the tutorial on the first island in Jurassic World Evolution, you will be asked to allow one of the dinosaurs to escape in order to test the security of the park. In such case, you will need to tranquilize the escaped dinosaur and then move it back into its cage.

In the guide below, we will show you how to tranquilize dinosaurs and put them to sleep. Read on to learn more.

How to Tranquillize & Sleep Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution

Once a dinosaur has escaped, you have to put it down quickly. You should have already built the ACU Building. This is a security building. You are required to build this while going through the tutorial on your first island.

Select the helicopter on the ACU building and then select “Add new task.” Now, it should default to tranquilize. You may, however, need to select this manually.

An indicator will appear on your screen. Use the indicator to find the dinosaur and make sure that the marker is over it before you confirm. It should be similar to the image above, you can see that the Tranquilize dinosaur option is available.

Now, your helicopter will take off and your security team will attempt to tranquilize the dinosaur. Once they have, the dinosaur can then be transported back into its cage.

This process might be slow at first, as the ACU team may miss some of their shots. You can improve the ACU team later on using the research building.

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