Move to iOS
Move to iOS

Today we propose a high-demand tutorial on how to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to iPhone X. If you have recently purchased an iPhone and have decided to officially abandon your old smartphone with the Android operating system, the most paranoid and longest possible operation is the transfer of applications and data on the new Apple device.

In this simple tutorial will explain, therefore, how to transfer apps and data from your old Notes 8 to your new iPhone X. All this will be possible, thanks to a free application made directly by the Californian company.

We’re talking about Move to iOS, which is designed to simplify the migration of applications and data for iPhone users in the transition from Android to iOS. Let’s see how it works.

How to transfer apps and data from Note 8 to iPhone X

First of all, proceed to download the  Move to iOS application on your old Note 8. On your iPhone X instead follow the first steps for the initial configuration and, once you have reached the section called App and data, select the item Migrate data from Android;

After doing this, start the app on your Android smartphone. Follow the instructions of the app and enter the code that will be displayed on your 

iPhone X.

Once you have introduced the code, carefully select all the types of data that you are going to transfer, such as contacts, photos, and messages. In conclusion, click on next to start the transfer procedure once and for all.

The time it takes for the procedure to complete depends on the amount of data that is to be transferred. Once the migration is complete, you will immediately receive a notification both on your old Note 8 and on your new iPhone X.

As you have seen, the procedure to follow is very simple. For any doubt, we are here to help you.

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