Have you ever wanted to share a game experience with your friends? As for traditional video games, you can do it with ease with TwitchYouTube or even directly from Steam. With virtual reality and, specifically with Oculus Go, everything would seem much more complex…

Sharing what’s going on while using the viewer is actually much simpler than you might think. In fact, there is the possibility of transmitting from your Oculus Go to a mobile device, to show everyone what you are experiencing while using the viewer.

From Oculus Go to smartphone: here’s how

To proceed with the transmission of information, you must make sure that the VR viewer and the device you want to broadcast on are connected to the same Wi-Fi line.

  • The next step involves the activation of the app to share on the receiving device (your smartphone or, even better, a tablet).
  • Open the Sharing menu on the viewer.
  • Select Cast. In this way, you will send a notification to the receiving device that will capture what is shown by Oculus Go to your user.
  • Continue following the instructions shown by the app to complete the procedure.

By following these steps you will be able to transmit what is on the Oculus screen directly on the receiving device.

Transmit from Oculus Go to PC

Transmitting your video game experience from a PC viewer is possible via an app on Steam, which is BigScreen. To transmit your experience on your computer monitor, you must follow this procedure:

  • Start Steam
  • Right click on the BigScreen app from the left-hand side menu
  • select Start remote streaming from the desktop
  • click on Start streaming
  • so select Connect your viewer (a small window will show you an identification code for security reasons)

At this point it is necessary to pass directly on the display:

  • Start BigScreen also from the viewer
  • Choose to Join the room  and then enter the code obtained via PC

The result of this operation will be a perfect sharing video that shows you Oculus Go. Of course, then, using PC a program that can record video clips, you can also create videos to upload possibly on YouTube (just to make life easier to YouTuber!).


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