chromecast ultra with box
chromecast ultra with box

Surely you have ever considered acquiring a Google Chromecast. This device is used to retransmit multimedia content from our smartphone to television without the need of a Smart TV. However, its price in some stores is quite high, which makes it not so attractive to the general public. As you can read in the title, this time we will teach you how to use your mobile as Chromecast in a simple way and best of all: without the need for root.

Before proceeding with the guide it is necessary to clarify that the application that we will use has not been proposed by any advertiser or third party company. The entire process has been proposed and tested by the Pro Android team.

Turn your phone into a Chromecast easily

Mobile devices have more and more features and functions, that’s a fact. Thanks to the different components that it integrates, we can perform previously unthinkable actions. We recently taught you how to use our smartphones as a second monitor in Windows, and today we will show you something similar with the Chromecast features.

For this, we will resort to the only application that allows us to use our tablet or mobile as Chromecast. We refer to AirScreen. Once downloaded from the Google application store, we will install it on the mobile or tablet that we want to make Chromecast and open it like any Play Store application. Then, click on the Start Now button that appears and the application will automatically create a WiFi point with Chromecast functions (the name of the device will appear just at the top of the application). Now we just have to turn to another 

device with Android and click on the share icon with Chromecastto retransmit the video or the song in question (the options depend on each application) after having made sure that we have the same Wifi network as the receiving device. In our case, we have retransmitted a Youtube video and the connection has been made without any problem, although this depends on Internet speed.

Mention that the application has a daily retransmission limit of 30 minutes. Once we have exceeded this limit, we will have to subscribe to some of the payment rates, which have prices of 1.29 euros per month9.99 euros per year or 3.99 euros per 30 days of actual use, nothing that to do with the original price of the Chromecast. Finally, if you want to connect your smartphone or tablet to television, you can do it through an MHL cable or through Wifi.

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