Gone are the days when old Android phones are valueless or worthless, instead of discarding your old Android phones. There are still some things you will do to make you feel happy and enjoy your phone irrespective of the fact that the phone looks old, and one of the things you will do is to turn your old Android phone into a security camera. How can this be possible? With the help of an app invented by Edward Snowden, it is super simple.

One good thing is that your phone already has a component of a real security camera that is called “camera lens” and internet access, with that you are good to go. Although there are many ways people think that will be used to turn an old Android phone into a security camera, there is a new smart way to do that and which is even more secure.

Note that in doing this, you use two “AT HOME APPS” one of them called the “BLUE APPS” is used to turn your old phone into a camera, and the second one called the “RED APP” is the one you want to store on your main phone or the phone you currently use. The first thing you will do is to set up the camera

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Camera setup

Step 1: Go to google play and search for the “At home” app

Step 2: Use the blue one to set up the camera, press download and install it on the phone,

Once it’s done downloading, you can now capture images using your phone to locate the pictures on your phone

Step 3: Go to the menu, click on the option “choose a name” then save the image with any name of your choice. You can also choose the type of video coding; I will recommend hardware for their performance.

Viewers Setup

  • This step will help you set your main phone so that it will be able to connect to the camera.
  • The first thing you will do is to go the app store and download the “red at” add the camera, use the “+” plus sign in the top left corner of the screen.
  • select “add camera by scan QR code.”

At this juncture, you have to scan the code that was displayed by the camera phone. As you do that, the camera has been added.

Change Cameras Name

In case you want to give the camera a name, what you have to do is to go to settings, a notification will appear on the screen, but kindly ignore it, click the next button and it will bring you to another dialog box were you will see “edit name” then you can change the cameras and enroll any name you wish to use.you can also set “motion alarms” on it. What is a motion alarm?

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Motion Alarms

Motion alarm is a feature that will record whenever motion is dictated, and the two intervals you can set during which motions will be monitored for is the start time, and the stop time. Motion alarms are very useful for cameras that will be left inside the house, especially when you are not around to video and record all the things that happened in your absence, you can also adjust the sensitivity of the camera, from high to low or from low to high sensitivity and this will control how sensitive the motion detection i is.

Try these tips provided above and turn your old Android phone into the security camera.


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