Walkie Talkie
Walkie Talkie

You work on a construction site or in a large company, you need to know how to convert or transform your iPhone or Android phone into Walkie-Talkie. Turn your iPhone or Android into a Walkie-Talkie and relive a significant moment of your childhood using your mobile device by following all the steps of this practical and simple guide/tutorial.

If you are over twenty and reach thirty (or even older), you will surely remember that beautiful moment of your childhood when they bought you a Walkie-Talkie for the first time.

Many people still keep them as valuable souvenirs, others still use them on certain occasions. Either because it is quite useful or for sentimental value.

Maybe you manage a great job and you need a quick and versatile way to communicate with your team without spending a lot of money.

Whatever the reason for using this amazing device again, we tell you that you don’t need to buy it.

Here we show you how to turn your iPhone/Android into Walkie-Talkie with just an application download.

How to turn iPhone or Android into Walkie-Talkie

Regardless of your device, this application that we will show you below turns your iPhone or Android into a Walkie-Talkie like no other app.

His name is Walkie-Talkie Communication and all we have to do to use it is to go to our device’s application store and search for it by name.

Once you open the application page, you just have to download the application, wait for it to be installed on our mobile phone and you’re done, you can start having fun with your new Walkie-Talkie.

You can continue reading the following article, in which we will make a brief description of how a Walkie-Talkie works and the app we install.

1. How does a walkie-talkie app work on Android or iPhone?

If you previously had a walkie-talkie, you surely know how it works or the principle of its functionality. But if you don’t know it, we offer you a brief explanation.

A remote radio, unlike a cell phone, transmits messages in real-time. It means that two people cannot speak simultaneously, one message must always be transmitted after another. This is achieved by pressing a button integrated into the radio.

The advantage of these devices is that they are autonomous, which means that they transmit their own signal and that we can communicate as long as there are one or more devices that transmit on the same frequency.

Walkie-Talkie communication effectively transforms your iPhone or Android device into a Walkie-Talkie by correctly simulating the operation of a remote radio.

And although they are not entirely autonomous, the other aspects of the application are well functioning.

2. So how can I communicate with my friends from the app?

If you access the app, you will see a gray box with four buttons (down, up, turn on, sound) and a small keyboard with some numbers on it (frequency or channel).

To use it, two or more devices must first be available with the app installed.

Then, in the main screen of the program, we adjust the frequency of the channel on which we want to transmit messages and communicate between friends.

If you remember what we mentioned earlier, these devices have an integrated button that we have to press to speak.

And if you look closely at the application screen, it appears like a horn at the bottom.

All we have to do is press thePush to Talk” button in the center and we will be able to transmit the message to all those who are connected on our same frequency.

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