How To Turn Off The Keyboard Sounds On Your Samsung Galaxy S9

Just like all other phones, The Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone comes with its personal default sounds. These days, all Samsung devices has its own unique keyboard sounds. They might not be cool to hear, but they are aptly serviceable all the same, so it will not be wise for Samsung to dwell on customizing the keyboard sounds for every phone, if it is not broke, why should they attempt to fix it?

That said, you might fancy a change of your Samsung Galaxy S9’s keyboard sounds to something you will love to hear as you make use of the device. Several Samsung smartphones owners change their keyboard tones so you will not be the first or last to want that for your device as well.

If you do not fancy hearing any keyboard sounds at all and want it all gone completely, it can be disabled altogether too. This is doable, i am here to tell you how.

In this tutorial, we will not just reveal how to disable the keyboard sounds, but also where to go on your phone if you are searching for these keyboard sounds.

Activate And Deactivate Keyboard Sounds On Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Smartphone

The steps listed below will highlight how you can turn on and turn off the keyboard sounds on your Samsung Galaxy S9 device:

  1. Power on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.
  2. Drag down the notification area by swiping down from the top of your screen.
  3. Click the gear-shaped Settings icon in the upper right corner of your Samsung Galaxy S9’s screen.
  4. Click on Sounds and Vibration.
  5. Access the Keyboard Sound item from the list visible to you.
  6. Toggle the switch to OFF, instead of ON.
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Like you can see from the instructions above, the way you can disable the keyboard sounds is not just straightforward but also very uncomplicated to do.

Samsung do not make their phones’ default sounds difficult for you to make a change. Its one of the reasons users fancy the brand.

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The First Things To Do On Your New Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is Samsung’s new born, and there are several things to appreciate about the phone. If you recently bought this device, here are ways to personalize it.

1. Set Up Iris Scanning/Intelligent Scan

Samsung has a stand-out biometric authentication feature that requires facial recognition and iris scanning. Named Intelligent Scan, this feature is quicker than the regular face unlock or iris scanning, and it also authenticates your facial features in low-light conditions. Having said that, Samsung recently mentioned that iris scanning is more secure than Intelligent Scan. The company also revealed that the Intelligent Scan cannot be used with Samsung Pay. This feature is designed to support the fingerprint scanner at the back, not push it is aside. To do this, Head to Settings, Lock screen and security and then Intelligent Scan. Adhere to the prompt to set up the biometric authentication service.

2. Switch The Screen Resolution To WQHD+

The Galaxy S9 comes with a WQHD+ Super AMOLED panel that can be regarded as one of the best displays available to any mobile phone worldwide. But, the default resolution as a new device is FHD+ (2220×1080) and not QHD+ (2960×1440). The company brought about this change years back, to boost their product’s battery life and ensure it performs better. The feature stayed the same on the Galaxy S8 device, and is yet to go away on the Galaxy S9. Even if the difference between 1080p and 1440p is not much, and it is not that obvious on a 6.2-inch panel, you might want to switch the resolution to WQHD+ so you can enjoy the amazing screen better. To achieve that, go to Settings, then Display, Screen resolution and then toggle the slider to WQHD+.

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3. Set Up The Blue Light Filter

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a blue light filter that decreases the strain on your eyes as you view your screen when it is dark. Activating the filter gets rid of blue hues and ensure your screen takes up warmer colors, which results in a yellowish tint. Adjustments of the intensity of the filter is possible, you can even create a schedule so it activates itself automatically at a specific time you choose. For configuration of the blue light filter, go to Settings, Display,

Blue light filter. The custom schedule can be used here or it can be activated from sunset to sunrise, just as long as you turn on location access.

4. Bixby

It was introduced by Samsung in 2018, with the virtual assistant designed to display vital information like your calendar entries. This feature is broader than you think. Bixby Vision allow you to translate text from images in real-time; Bixby Home functions as a centralized hub for social apps like Twitter, Facebook e.t.c while Bixby Voice aids you to launch apps with your voice. To do and undo with Bixby, hit the hardware button under the volume rocker, and set it up. Alternatively, you can swipe to the leftmost home screen and Bixby Home will magically appear for you to set it up. If you think Bixby is a waste of time because Google Assistant does its job already then you can just turn it off totally. But note, since Bixby was given a specific hardware button, deactivating it will also rule out the button and it cannot be used for anything else.

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5. Set Always On Display

This is a feature Samsung owners are used to by now. It makes it simple to see incoming notifications without having to turn on the display. You will be allowed to check out the clock, your schedule, and use your music playback controls right there from your lock screen. Go to Settings, then Lock screen and security, then Always On Display to activate the feature and choose the information to display on the lock screen. As soon as Always On Display is activated, you will be able to choose the clock styles, widgets, and even add contact information on the lock screen by heading to Settings, Lock screen and security, then Clock and Face Widgets.

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