Screen gestures on Xiaomi

Full-Screen Gestures on Xiaomi Smartphones are here and you can also get it on your Xiaomi device. But first, let’s find out what Full-Screen Gestures are before going on to enable/activate it.

Full-Screen Gestures; What is it?

Full-screen Gestures, also known as on-screen gestures enables the user to use specific finger movements on a touch display(Not only phones) to trigger different actions. Since the entry of full-screen display; 18:9 and 19:9 Aspect Ratio, the need to remove the three on-screen Button on Android device have been something worth doing to get a Bigger display.

Xiaomi brought this to its devices with on-screen buttons in a recent update; MiUi 9.5. However, not all devices can use this feature as there are some requirements. First, your device must have on-screen buttons which put only a handful of their new and recent devices in this category namely the Redmi 5, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi Note 5/Pro, Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2 and Mi Mix 2s.

How To Turn On Full-Screen Gestures on Xiaomi Smartphones

If you’ve got any of the phones I’ve mentioned then you can activate this feature but first, you will need to update to MiUi 9.5 or higher. Once you’re updated, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Settings Menu/App and Click On Full-Screen Display option.
  • Toggle the Full-Screen Gestures to turn it on.

  • You’ll be presented with a tutorial on how to utilize the Full-Screen Gestures. If you’re a first timer, I’ll suggest you take your time and go through the tutorial.

  • Once you’re done with the tutorial and have activated the full-screen Gestures. The three on-screen button will be removed and you’ll now be able to navigate on your phone using just Gestures.

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Here are some pointers…

Swipe Up from the bottom of the screen – Go to home screen.

  • Swipe Up and Pause in the middle of the screen – Go to Recent Apps tabs/Multitasking Window

  • Either Swipe from the right, all the way to the left – Go to the previous screen.
  • Or Swipe from the left, all the way to the right – Go to the next Screen.

  • Conclusion

    That’s pretty much how to enable full-screen Gestures on Xiaomi Smartphones. What do you think of the full-screen Gestures? Will you be using the feature on your Xiaomi device? Lets us know using the comment section down below.


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