iphone 12
iphone 12

Just as Vodafone Turkey brought out an app to help female domestic abuse victims, your iPhone can help you in case of emergencies; it can be your savior even when you think that all hope is lost,  you can transmit your location through GPS to someone. GPS stands for Global Positioning System, is a network of 27 man-made satellites that orbit around Earth. Out of those 27 satellites, 24 are currently in use and the remaining three are there as a fail-safe in case one of the 24 stop functioning properly, this GPS can possibly dictate the exact place you are if peradventure you lost your way in the wilderness, indeed GPS has really saved the lives of many. If you still find it hard to believe that you can still turn your iPhone into a security device in case of emergency, this article will help you know how to do that with ease.

Send Your Location To Someone.

For instance, you are walking in a lonely and dark street, all of a sudden you started hearing steps or some low voice around, to you, you sensed that someone is following you.  Even without been told, you will be lost in thought, lots of thought will be going through your memories, what you will do to save your life, isn’t it? Don’t panic much,  there is a remedy to it, the only thing you will do is to send the details of your location to someone through message app, if the person you sent the message to happens to be using iPhone, the message will be free if not the other person needs a smartphone to be able to view the map on their screen.

All thanks to Whatsapp, recently it rolled out a huge update for iOS devices, and as part of the update, you can now send maps and location information from Apple Maps using WhatsApp too. To do this, just go to the Apple maps (you will need GPS), it will instantly find your location, then at the top right click on the square with the arrow pointing upwards, this will bring up the sharing menu. Then click on the message. This will then brings up the message window with a miniature version of the map inside it, ready to be sent. It is very advisable to add some contest for the recipient information on the message then click on send and wait for the Calvary to arrive. But in case you feel seriously threatened please call the police.

If you already have an open conversation with your recipient in your Messages app. Open the existing conversation on your phone, click on details and then tap on send my current location, immediately your location will be sent to your recipient as a message. Always do tell them why you are sending the message to them.

In case you forgot to share your location, a relative can use iCloud to dictate where your iPhone is pinging from, if you are in danger,  don’t frighteningly throw away your iPhone, run with it, because you can be tracked using it.

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