unblock instagram follower
unblock instagram follower

Did you block an Instagram user some time ago and now you want to cancel that action? You have blocked one of your friends or relatives and now you want to interact with him or her again on this social network, right? Well, don’t worry because today we explain how to unblock someone on Instagram.

Surely during the use of this social network, you have had the need to block a user. Perhaps he was an obsessive fan, an annoying agent for the distribution of cosmetics, the most active commentator, the spammer and so on. If the situation has changed and you have to unblock the user.

What does it mean to block a user?

Blocking is, more simply, preventing a particular user from accessing your account and your publications. You pressed a button and now a person you’ve never seen lives a parallel life without interfering with your and your Instagram profile.

How to unblock a person on Instagram

Do you know how to unblock someone on Instagram? Living under the public eye is inevitable in the era of social networks; Even if you are not a well-known actor, sportsman or musician, your life could be exposed to the rest of the world every time you post a photo on Instagram.

And it is possible (and logical) that there are people you do not want to see your publications. An ex who watches over you, for example, or your grandparents, who shouldn’t see your skills when you dance on a table with a few more drinks.

In fact, there may be a thousand reasons why, at some point, you decided to block someone. But what if you now want to let them come back to your life (online)? No need to worry: the way to unblock someone on Instagram is very simple.

If you need to remove a user’s block, it can be done either through the application or through the internet site.

Unblock a person on Instagram from your phone

If you are using the Instagram app on an Android smartphone or on an iPhone, touch the “little man ” icon in the lower right corner to open your profile. Next, tap the menu icon in the upper right corner (the three dots) to display the options menu.

Scroll down your account settings and tap Blocked Users.

Here you will see all the users you have previously blocked. Click on them to open their profiles. So simply tap Unblock.

Instagram will ask you if you are sure you want to unblock this person. Are you, right? Well, then select Yes, I’m sure.

Unblock a person on Instagram from your computer

Although many of us probably use Instagram alone (or mainly) on our phones, you can also unblock people from a computer.

The Instagram web portal is not developed like your app but still allows you to control most aspects of your account administration.

First, go to the Instagram website and log in to your account. The website does not offer you the same menu of options as you have in the app, so you can’t just get a list of blocked users. 

Instead, you need to type the name of the person you want to unblock in the search bar. After clicking on your profile, click the menu icon (three dots) next to your username and select Unblock this user.

How to unblock someone who has also blocked you

The old “double block” makes it more difficult to unblock someone, but there are some ways to avoid it. It works best if you know the account name, assuming the name has not changed:

Create a new direct message for yourself, including the username @ of the account you want to unblock in the message body. Once submitted, click on the username and unblock as usual.

Login with a web browser on Instagram.com, then enter instagram.com/username, replacing the username with the name of the account you want to unblock. When you see the profile, it unblocks as usual.

Remember to follow the unblocked accounts again

When you lock an account, you delete it from your followed profiles. If you have decided to unblock someone and want to see his publications, you need to go back to his profile and follow him again.

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