Fortnite is popular for being an interesting game by lots of people, but it is still seen as too serious by some. There will always be dumb people wherever you look and it is always best to stay away from them. If you are playing alongside one of such people and they are trying their possible best to ruin the fun or just talk rubbish in chat, it can make things completely funless, if there is a word like that.

This is why blocking or unblocking in the Fortnite game is highly important.

However, blocking in the Fortnite game is not perfect. You will be able to block a person from chatting with you but they cannot be blocked from showing up in the public lobby or in missions. So while they will be unable to chat with you directly, you might stumble on them in the game. It is not the flawless system still but it is what we have to make do with for now.

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How Can I Block Players In Fortnite?

Like i said, you will only be able to block players from chat in Fortnite. They will still be visible in missions or in the public lobby but if worse comes to worst, you will come across them in game once in a while as well. This should rarely happen because of the massive player base but the possibility is there.

The simplest way to block anyone you know is via your friends list. Choose your friends list from the Fortnite lobby, right tap their name and choose Block. This will prevent them from disturbing you in chat but that is about it.

You can also block anyone in game via the menu. Within the game, access the menu and choose Report Player or Block. It works on a personal computer. Mobile devices might be another story. Still, this will not prevent them for showing up in game but they cannot chat with you.

How Can I Unblock Players In Fortnite?

Unblocking a player in Fortnite will require added steps but it is not complicated at all. If you mistakenly block a person or the individual became reasonable at last, it is not bad idea to have a change of heart and unblock him or her.

  1. Head to the Fortnite lobby.
  2. Choose your friends list in the far right.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Ensure the box close to Hide Blocked Players is not ticked.
  5. Head to your friends list.
  6. Choose the new option named Blocked Players below your screen.
  7. Choose the player, right tap the person’s name and choose Unblock.

The blocked individual will be moved to your friends list. Some have said this did not work as expected though. There are many examples when a player is unblocked but cannot still be contacted via chat. There is still no fix for this as i type this.

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How Can I Deal With Troublesome Players In Fortnite?

There are some unbearable players in Fortnite and it is forcing lots of players to quit the game. Those that have had enough even go as far as reporting to Epic. It is sad that that level of negativity can make you hate the game you love so much, but it happens.

Toxic players come in different forms. Some of them are:

  1. Troll: They simply talk nonsense and do all they can to disrupt everybody’s game with racist talks, senseless comments, provoking remarks and basically do everything to piss you off.
  2. The Armchair General: These types feel they are better than everyone else. They are less complicated than the troll but things can get out of hand when you shun them.
  3. The Leech: They are not as troublesome as the troll and armchair general. They simply remain in the background to get their hands on the best loot before you when trouble erupts.

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