iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR Cameras
iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR Cameras

If we are talking about the most expected and loved smartphones right now, the honest truth is that the new iPhone 11 is definitely one of them. The iPhone 11 is surely a force to reckon with currently with features like an incredible chip, a brilliant amount of power, and an amazing high-end triple-lens camera on the back.

We all know that various Apple products are very costly so the iPhone 11 is not cheap. Because of this, a lot of users who wish to purchase one will end up buying it with a 2-year contract – meaning a reduced price tag – even if you will remain stuck with the same carrier for 24 years since the device is locked in its network.

Not to worry though, there is a simple way to unlock your iPhone 11 and find a way around this carrier lock, so you can use the device in any network you fancy. And this is not the only advantage. If your iPhone is unlocked, you can stay away from the costly roaming fees when you travel because you can use a local SIM for making phone calls back home, at doper rates.

Unlike an Android device, which can be unlocked using a code, these instructions are quite different. The steps to unlock your iPhone 11 focuses on you changing the device’s status from “locked to a specific carrier” to “never locked” in Apple’s database. And how you can achieve that? By using several 3rd third-party services. Let’s break down How To Unlock An iPhone 11?:

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Where Can I Unlock My iPhone 11?

After some findings, there are a few platforms that can make it happen. One is named UnlockUnit.com, it is an unlocking site with amazing reviews from visitors. It has a 4.6/5 rating on Trustpilot so it must be trustworthy.

However, be aware that this is just a recommendation and there are other services you can go for. Just make sure you read the reviews.

On UnlockUnit.com, no technical knowledge is required for you to unlock your iPhone 11. The process is not complicated and it can be done without getting your phone out of the house.

How To Place An Order On UnlockUnit.com?

  1. Head to UnlockUnit.com, an order form would be visible, complete it with the details below:
    The present country and network the device is locked to. Ensure you choose your present carrier and not the one you wish to use when you unlock the phone.
  2. Make sure the Terms and Conditions are read, then tap “Unlock Now.”
  3. Select your preferred payment method, PayPal or credit card, plus the pricing option, then your order can be placed.

Immediately after doing this, you will receive an email, which will confirm that your order was placed. You will get another email, depending on the selected delivery time, which will show the subject “Unlock Complete,” plus instructions you must adhere to if you wish to unlock your iPhone 11.

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How Can I Use The Unlocking Instructions?

To be more precise, you have to adhere to these instructions. To use your iPhone 11 in any network you fancy, do this:

  1. Get the most recent version of iTunes installed on your computer.
  2. Update to the most recent version of iOS available on iTunes. But since the iPhone 11 is what we are writing about here, it will have it already. However, you need to still check.
  3. Insert a non-accepted SIM card, from another carrier, any carrier of your choice, but not the one you use presently.
  4. Connect the device to iTunes and hold on for a while till the iPhone is detected.
  5. Disconnect the device, then reconnect it after ten seconds.

You are done, You have successfully managed to unlock your iPhone 11 and it’s now ready to be used in any network across the globe.

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