Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

Typically, you don’t have to manually update Amazon Echo as it does so itself overnight when it detects that a new Update is available. However, if you’re unable to wait for it to do the update itself or for some reason, it doesn’t Update itself then we will be showing a trick to trigger the update manually in this guide.

Amazon Echo is a brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon which is really popular for the right reasons. For a start, it is a voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant which is Capable of voice interaction. It is also Capable of music playback, Making a to-do list, settings alarms, providing up to date weather report, traffic report as well as other real-time information.

It also fits well into IoT (Internet Of Things) as it can control other smart home devices. This means that if you have other smart devices in your home, you can ask Alexa to control it for it. For example, if you have a smart multi-color lightbulb, which seems to be everywhere these days, you can ask the Echo to turn on, turn off or change the color of the light. You can even ask it to just dim the light if the smart bulb supports it.

Little wonder why Amazon Echo is as popular as it is now. However, I’m starting to digress a little bit so let’s get back to how you can update your Amazon Echo manually.

How To Update Amazon Echo

If you’re pretty sure that a new update is out and your Amazon Echo isn’t Updating or hasn’t updated yet, and you would like to update. Then you can simply trigger the Update manually by Pressing the Microphone Mute Button. As soon as you do that, wait a little bit, and the Light ring around it will turn Red as well as the Microphone Mute Button you pressed. Your Amazon Echo will search for a new update and after searching, which should take just a few minutes. It will tell you that it needs to update and begin the update process. Once it is done, it will restart.

Another way to trigger the update will be to unplug it for its power supply, wait a little bit, and plug it back it. Now Press the mute microphone button, and as soon it Connects to a WiFi network, the first thing it does is to search for an update if any. If there is an update available, it will announce that it is about to begin the update and starts the update. Once it is done, it restarts.

Updates take a few minutes or an hour tops depending on how fast your internet connection/WiFi connection is. You can check the new version your Amazon Echo is on by using Alexa App on your Smartphone or visit the Amazon Alexa Website [].


You have to wait till night to update Amazon Echo; you can do it anytime you want simply by using the outlined Methods above.

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