Update Firmware On Sony TV
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Modern devices depend on normal firmware and software updates to keep performing excellently, and Sony television sets are not excluded. These firmware and software updates are mostly automatic, but sometimes, you might need to do things manually. See How To Update The Firmware On A Sony TV:

Update Firmware On Sony TV
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How Can I Update The Firmware On My Sony TV Set Via Automatic Update Checks?

Like several modern devices, Sony TVs must have automatic updates enabled. However, for lots of reasons, the auto-updates might be disabled on your TV. You just need to check if the auto-updates are on. Bear in mind that on Sony AF9 to ZF9 models, the setting is named “Automatically check for update” while other Sony Android TV models name it “Automatic software download.” See how to select whether the auto-update mode is enabled on your device:

Before anything else, get the Sony remote. Depending on the model, “Home” might be seen in another part of the remote. Locate it and press it. Of course, your television has to be powered on. From the menu that is visible, choose “Help.”

Now, head to “Apps” and choose “Help.” This will reveal the Help screen. If your remote has the “Help” button on it, it can be pressed and it will lead you the same menu. From there, go to “System software update.” You will be able to see if “Automatically check for update/Automatic software download” is activated or not. If it is not, choose it and enable it. If you would love to keep the auto-update mode disabled, you can also manually update your Sony TV device.

How Can I Update The Firmware On My Sony TV Set Via Performing A Manual Update Check?

Even if your auto-update mode is enabled and you agree to the terms of service, an error or a glitch can prevent the firmware/software updates from downloading. To be on the safe side, on the same screen you are on (System software update,) head to “Check for a system software update/Software update.”

Update Firmware On Sony TV
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Downloading Updates:

After setting everything up (or deciding to go with manual updates,) a notification would be seen, pertaining to a firmware/software update. On Sony TVs series AF9 to ZF9, the update notification will be visible after turning on the device. On other Android TV models, a popup will be seen, asking you to do the same thing. Choose “Update/Update Now” (depending on the TV model) to download and install the update.

Bear in mind that the update will take around fifteen minutes. Not to worry, however, the television can still be used the normal way. And do not be scared of turning the device off too since the update process will continue regardless. However, do not unplug the television or your Wi-Fi connection.

That is that.

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