Infinix HOT 2
Infinix HOT 2

On January 5, 2016, we gave Updated List of Phones that will be getting the android marshmallow update, and at last Infinix Hot 2 ( X510 aka The Hottest One) out of all Infinix smartphones found its way up since it is an Android One device.

Infinix HOT 2
Infinix HOT 2

Due to many request on how to upgrade Hot 2 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, we have decided to provide for the need.

Today we will be showing you guys how to upgrade Infinix Hot 2 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow without hassle. It is very easy to install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your Infinix Hot 2 phone especially when you have not rooted/flashed the Infinix Hot 2 before and doesn’t require you taking it to computer village neither does it require you going through long steps. It only requires a tap and whoop! It’s rooted in less than a minuet!!!

Why do I need to upgrade my Infinix Hot 2? What’s inside the Infinix Hot 2 Android Marshmallow upgrade?

Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Infinix Hot 2 comes with new features including:

Better RAM manager

Battery optimizer

Ability to migrate data to a microSD card

New APIs for contextual assistants, and lots more.

How To Upgrade Infinix Hot 2 (Android One) To Android M (Android 6.0 Marshmallow)

There are 2 ways of upgrading to Android 6.0 on your Infinix Hot 2 phone.

  1. Auto Upgrade via OTA
  2. Manual Upgrade via flashing.

Because of the different methods involve, we will be dividing this tutorial into 2 upgrade step: Upgrade Step 1 & Upgrade Step 2

PLEASE Read Before Upgrading Your Infinix Hot 2 to Android 6 Marshmallow

Upgrade Step 1

This method is for those whose Hot 2 is NOT rooted/flashed.

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Locate “About Device”
  • Tap “System Update”

Download the file and update automatically (OTA)


Note: Not all users had gotten it, but will gradually roll out on all hot 2 soon. IF your device is not yet ready for the upgrade and you can’t wait, proceed to the next step below.

Upgrade Step 2

This method is for those whose Hot 2 had been rooted or a new ROM had been flashed on it and those who can’t wait for the normal upgrade.

Warning: Back up your files before starting this process. You should also note that you are doing this at your own risk, TechLector won’t be held responsible for any brick, damage whatsoever mistakes made during this process of using these upgrade method, everything will go perfectly fine if well followed. Having agreed, you can proceed. So you are warned! Lol am not trying to scare you but take it serious.


  • Infinix Hot 2 Stock recovery (download HERE)
  • Android One Stock Rom (download HERE)
  • SP Flash Tool
  • VCom drivers


  • First you need to download Android 6.0 HERE. Your Android must be running on Android One Stock Rom (download HERE)
  • Once the file is downloaded, Rename it to zip
  • Place it in the root of your SD Card (i.e. it shouldn’t be in any folder)
  • Switch off the phone
  • Boot into Recovery mode by holding the Volume Up + Power Button
  • Release power button and tap volume up once you see the “Infinix” Logo
  • It will show you a dead Android robot with a red sign
  • Press Volume Up or Volume down (device dependent) to get into the stock recovery
  • Scroll down with Volume button to “Apply update from SD card”
  • Scroll down to the zip and select with the Power Button.

At this point, you need to wait until the installation process is complete so that the device would reboot. This will take some time to reboot. Be patient. When it boots, you will meet a whole new experience. It should work like a charm for you.


Once your device has re-started, you should see Android 6.0 Marshmallow running.

Wanna talk or ask questions about the Upgrading Infinix Hot 2 (Android One) To Android 6.0 Marshmallow? We Comments, Let’s talk about it in the comment box below…

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Your posts inspire me. One of the reasons why I’ve been doing more real life posts is because I see other bloggers doing them successfully and I get jealous


pls sir i upgrade my fone infinix hot 2, but my sd card is not showing.
how can i make it work. pls sir


if I update my infinix hot 2 to 6.0….. will it be 2gb ram or 1gb ram….. it is already in 1gb ram nw…..


Good day bro, I just got my infinix x510 2gig from my bro, it already got a 6.0, but it seems did 6.0 is annoying, my f.m radio is not working, it showing double file, I collected some apps and it not working. I later discover there is an upgrade on the system update totalling 5.5mb. Shld I download it. Help me bro


I tried my own serveral times with spflash tools but no way to update and I did volume+ and power botton still no respon. am using Infinix hot2 2gb ram


Please if I haven’t rooted my phone yet and I want to do the manual upgrade do I still need to format my phone ?


pls guys i tried the method above and ot refuse to work for me. am using infinix hot2 2gb ram, anytime i tried the volume up key with power bottom it only on the phone nothing is showing there. please help i really need to upgrade my phone to version 6.0…….thanks

Adeleye Gabriel

Pls sir can I use hot 2 version too update my hot 3?


Please i have been trying to flash my phone but anytime i hold the volume up and power button, my phone still boots normal .please help me

That means you’re not doing it right. You have to press both at the same time with the same intensity. Perhaps one of those two buttons is not working well (probably the volume button) which makes only the power button work.


How can hot 3 X554 users also upgrade to marshmallow 6.0

Chukwu boy

Pls am using hot 2 of 1gb ram. Will this post work for me


please i need your help, i try to upgrade my hot2 automatically so after downloading..its switch off and started installing then suddenly it says error……………pls i really need your help……………reply me through my email i provided…….thanks

You probably rooted the phone before upgrading it. Confirm the model and follow the guide above.


Bro…d fone is not rooted…u even used root checker to check,maybe i will just flash in d upgrade file
Pls dere is dis hot2 dah always pops one rectangular shaped ads on the top of d screen,wen I cluck it directs me to my chrome browser and there is another 1 dat covers the whole screen Abd diretca to play store
Dey ar so annoying Wahtz shld i do plsssssss
Its not VIRUS

If you are sure it’s not a virus, then it must be an application running in the background. Go to Settings >> Applications >>Running and try stopping the running applications one by one to find the application that’s popping ads, then uninstall it


Hi…one if my friends just got this infinix hot 2 (London used) there was no file manager app and video app on it
How do I know if its a copied phone

Help a broda


you download it from play store


Thanks I had d same problem too and I as asked to get d file from anoda source…I did but the same tin hppng agn
U cn try dat too.
Maybe I’ll goto engineers to flash in d upgrade fr me since d manual update process is not wrking


Hi Boss,

I downloaded the marshmallow 6.0, I
tried to install it,its always getting aborted,I’ve not rooted it, I didn’t buy the phone new, I bought it fairly used at challenge in Ilorin kwara state.
But I used root checker to check and it says the phone is not rooted.. Pls help, i’ll like to upgrade to 6.0


My android is refusing upgrade, i’ve not flashed or root before.. Pls wat is wrong


Pls how can I flash d stock recovery. Cos mine jus dy show update is not correct.


Please bro,help, I received the OTA update of the Android 6.0 marshmallow on my infinix hot2 but bcos of damage to network installations in my area I couldn’t download and upgrade. The 6.0 update ( totaling about 628mb) was there on my system update for some days but suddenly it just vanished. I checked my phone and discovered it was still on lollipop 5.1.1.Please how do I get this update back, Will It come back?.I would prefer to download it OTA.Or what do I do now. Please advise me. I want my hot2 ungraded to 6.0.Tanx for your good work.… Read more »


I upgraded it but my contact are no longer displaying just number, please how can I get it fixed…


just go to ur contact and import all from sim card.


My infinix hot 2 automatically updated and I rebooted my fone,now all my pic,videos,books,songs, and docs are lost. der are so impt to me. But on the phone the phone memory is still used up.p like i have 700mb left, and my fone is 16gb. Please help…..also I had changed my imei to glo bis , is dat D reason???? Plus help.. confused


Hi, I updated my infinix hot 2 to android 6.0 though is amazing but i lost all my pictures and documents and my contacts are not displaying names on the call log. How do i get my pictures and documents back? How can i fix my contacts??