If you do not like gaming with a mouse and keyboard, then you can play Realm Royale using an Xbox One Controller. We are not sure yet whether controllers such as PS4 controller can be used to play the game.

Some players may feel that playing Realm Royale using a controller has a lot of disadvantages and it automatically increases your chances of losing. Obviously, using a mouse offers you a way better aim precision compared to a controller. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you as many people just prefer to play games using controllers.

Real Royale is early into its release. It seems that the default controls cannot be changed while using a controller at this current time. However, as more updates are released, this issue should be resolved.

How to Set Up and Use a Controller to Play Realm Royale

First off, you need to go to the Settings menu in the game. You can do this from the home screen of the game.

Select the Controls tab and then look for the Allow Controller button. Enable this option and then hit the Apply button to save your changes. There a few more options on this page which you can edit including inverting axis and changing the sensitivity.

Enable the use of a controller in the settings

Now, we can check out the current controls. Just as I said above, the controls for controllers can’t be changed, and you may also experience some issues since it is early into the game’s release. You can check out these controls by going to the Bindings tab. Simply check the column on the right-hand side.

Bindings for the Xbox Controller

Listed below are all of the controls for an Xbox One controller:

  • Movements: Left analog
  • Jump: A
  • Reload Weapon: X
  • Fire Weapon: Right Trigger (RT)
  • Alt-Fire: Left Trigger (LT)
  • Ability 1: Y
  • Ability 2: LB
  • Armour Potion: RB
  • VGS: Right D-Pad
  • Map: Back Button (Hold)
  • Sprint: Down D-Pad

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