Smart Speakers make your daily life a very comfortable one, but they also come with privacy problems. There have been reports of Amazon employees eavesdropping on your conversations, having access to your home address, Google Assistant reading your mood by your voice, if you are very bothered about privacy, maybe you should avoid these devices.

However, there are steps that can help you to manage your privacy options. For Amazon smart speakers, which is the focus of this article, everything starts in the Alexa application. Shall we begin?

Be aware that you require an Amazon smart speaker and an Alexa application login to proceed.

1. How Can I Launch The Alexa Application?

As soon as you are in the Alexa app, tap settings, Alexa account and Alexa privacy in the menu. This section allows you review your voice history, your smart alert history, your smart home devices history, your skill permissions and how Amazon and Alexa make use of your data.

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2. How Can I Check Out My Voice History?

Tap “Review voice history.” on the Alexa privacy screen. Here you will be allowed to see your voice history by time period. The options that will be presented to you are Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, All History and Custom. Custom will allow you to decide on a precise date range by day, month and year.

As soon as you have decided on the time frame, a list of your every Alexa command will be visible to you. Tap one to have a listen or just select one or various recordings and even get rid of them. If you intend to get rid of all your recordings, select “all history” for the date range and you will be allowed the option to “delete all recordings for all history.”

3. How Can I Check My Alert History?

Tap “Review smart alert history” on the Alexa privacy screen. Alerts is the activity you have granted Alexa the permission to detect. I mean like the sound of wood breaking or the smell of smoke. Same as voice history settings, Alexa application will help in filtering alert history by date range and you will be able to get rid of each alert log individually or simultaneously.

4. How Can I Check My Smart Home Device History

Tap “Manage smart home devices history” on the Alexa privacy screen. Alexa gets the required information about the 3rd-party smart home devices you link to your Amazon smart speaker. It receives details like if smart light switch is enabled or disabled and your desired set temperature for your smart thermostat. Tap “Delete smart home devices history” to get rid of this data from Alexa.

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5. How Can I View My Skill Permissions?

Tap “Manage skill permissions” on the Alexa privacy screen. Here you will be able to decide on the information you share with the several Alexa skills you make use of. It is possible that you are sharing lots of stuff with Alexa without even knowing it. Permissions like your street address, nation, postal code, name, phone number and email address. Select all permissions individually to view the information for each skill. You might have no qualms with Uber knowing your street address or you might not like that to happen at all. Simply toggle the switch to select the setting you desire.

6. How Can I See How My Data Is Being Used By Alexa?

Tap “Manage how your data improves Alexa” on the Alexa privacy screen. Here, you are shown how Amazon uses your voice recordings to aid the creation of fresh Alexa features. Amazon words exactly in the application were “Training Alexa with recordings from a diverse range of customers helps ensure Alexa works well for everyone. When this settings is enabled, your voice recordings may be used in the development of new features.” Do not want that? Toggle the setting off. Amazon also makes use of the messages sent by you through Alexa for the enhancement of transcription accuracy. Same as in voice recordings, just toggle off this setting.

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