Alexa Guard, Amazon’s fresh feature that allows your Echo smart speaker listen for possible signals of an emergency, is still getting released to Echo users in the United States. As soon as it reaches you, you will be able to locate Alexa Guard inside the Alexa application on your iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Alexa Guard makes use of the far-field microphones in Echo devices to ensure it is listening for glass breaks and alarms from a smoke or CO detector. As long as you arm your Echo with the voice command “Alexa, I’m leaving,” Alexa will inform you if it hears anything worrying by ensuring a Smart Alert is sent to your smartphone. This alert will come to you alongside an audio recording of what actually happened, if your Echo possesses a camera, the Drop In feature can be used to check out the live camera feed. Plus, if you part with cash for professional tracking via Ring’s security kit or ADT’s Control smart home setup, Alexa Guard can be activated to send Smart Alerts straight to the security provider, who can now reach out for help in your absence.

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Alexa Guard is also capable of switching your smart lights on and off, imitating your regular usage to make it seem like you are around, when you are actually out of the house.

To seize the advantage Alexa Guard presents, a compatible Amazon Echo smart speaker or display is required. Every Amazon Echo device that is built with far-field microphones with aid Alexa Guard, except the Echo Sub (which has no mic) and Echo Auto (which is not built for it). Meaning, if you are an Echo user already, the better.

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How Can I Set Up Alexa Guard?

Ensuring Alexa Guard runs as it should requires one process for both iOS and Android versions of the Alexa application. Confirm to know if you have the most recent version, as soon as that is done, you just need to adhere to few instructions to fully set it up.

  1. Click menu in the top left corner of your display for expansion of the application’s options.
  2. Locate and choose “Settings.”
  3. Swipe to the bottom of “Settings.” and choose “Guard.”
  4.  Agree to let the app send you Smart Alerts.

If an Amazon Echo device is enrolled in your Alexa application, setup is done. (Ensure that you sync your Echo device to the Alexa application before adhering to the instructions, else you will routed to Amazon to pay money to buy an Echo.)

Alexa Guard is a simple, free way to safeguard your home with some smooth security features. Even though it is not the ideal fix, this Alexa feature can make Amazon’s Echo speakers a better alternative than other smart speakers such as Google’s Home or Apple’s HomePod.

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