Chrome On PC
Chrome On PC

I bet a lot of you do not know about Chrome Inbuilt Malware Scanner. Well, if you didn’t then we will be showing you how to access it and also how to use it.

The Chrome Browser comes with an Inbuilt malware and spyware scanner you can use to check your Chrome Browser for any potential viruses. This scanner is an updated version of the Chrome CleanUp Tool (CCT) that packs an antivirus scanner. This scanner runs in the background regularly to check and delete junk files stored on your PC.

That’s not all, it continuously looks for any malware or spyware that is tampering with the chrome browser, thereby installing extensions and bombarding you with numerous ads. Anytime the chrome browser detects any of these, it gives you an option to send the information to google and also Remove or leave the harmful software.

This will keep your Chrome Browser free of any spyware or Malware, making your whole browsing experience safe and secure. However, this is not a general purpose antivirus according to Chrome’s head of security, Justin Scuh. He also went on to add that “The sole purpose of the scanner is to detect and remove unwanted software manipulating Chrome.”

So with that said, you might want to keep your main antivirus software running to keep your PC Safe. While this scanner keeps your Chrome browser Safe. Don’t have an antivirus software installed on your PC? Check out the top 5 very best antivirus software you can download now.

How To Use Chrome Inbuilt Malware Scanner On PC

  • Click On the Three Dots at the top right side of the chrome browser and select Settings from the drop-down Menu.
  • Scroll down to the bottom where you will see Advanced and Click on it.

  • Scroll Down Towards the Bottom and Look for “Reset and Clean Up Header”. When you find it, Click on it.

  • Select Clean Up Computer.

  • This is where you will see the “Find and Remove Harmful Softwares”. Click on it to begin the scan.

Once the scan is done, it will notify you if it finds any software tampering with Chrome. You then choose to send the details to google so they take it up from there. Also, you can Remove the harmful software immediately from your Chrome Browser if you want.

This Chrome Inbuilt Malware Scanner is probably the best way to find and remove any malware or spyware that might have found its way into your Google Chrome Browser and Remove it easily.


This process is initiated by itself periodically, but if you feel your chrome might have been infected with a virus, malware or spyware or you start getting bombarded with ads then you can run the scanner Manually with the steps above.

Like I said earlier, this just keeps your Chrome Browser safe and Secure while browsing and not your whole PC. So make sure you have an antivirus software running to keep your PC safe from malware, spyware, and others viruses attacks.

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