Chromecast on the TV screen
Chromecast on the TV screen

Maybe what you do not know is that it is possible to use Chromecast to draw on the TV screen, and this is achieved with an application that you will want to have from now on your device.

There are many uses you can make with the Chromecast, including some tricks to get the most out of it, but perhaps what you had not considered is the possibility of drawing on your home television using this device from Google, and it is already possible.

Sometimes when we are meeting family or friends, we always choose to put entertainment content on our Chromecast, but we also usually participate in some multiplayer games. But maybe you want something more classic.

Well, there is an application that allows us to draw images on our device so that it can also be instantly displayed on TV with the help of Chromecast. This is ideal for drawing and trying to get the rest of the users to guess what you are painting, which could certainly be very fun in this type of meeting.

To use it, you should simply download the CastPad application that is available on Android

, and run it on the device that is paired with the Chromecast. Once the application is installed, simply access it and click on the “send” button and select the device that would be the television.

From now on, everything you paint on the screen of your device will appear on TV at the same time so that the rest of the users can guess what you are writing or drawing. It could also be effective for a work meeting if you intend to present a series of plans or details about a project.

The free version of CastPad includes five colors such as black, blue, red, yellow and white, the last one that you use to erase. There is also a simple brush size adjuster. On the other hand, you also have the premium version that gives you lots of colors and also removes ads.

This way, you already know how to draw on the TV screen with Chromecast.

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