The Clipboard on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is like every other clipboard on other Samsung phones. In this article, we will be taking a look at how to use this feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. But first, let’s find how what Clipboard is.

What is Clipboard?

Clipboard is essentially a small place on your phone where copied texts are saved temporarily till you need to post them. The copy and paste feature you use depends on the clipboard. Most phones have clipboards that can only accommodate one copied text, so when you need to copy two different texts, you’ll have to copy one and go paste it before going back to copy another.

Some other phones have spaces for up to 20 different text which mean you can copy a text and copy another text without the first one overriding the first one. Best part? You still get to use both copied texts whenever you want. Samsung offers the latter which we will be taking a look at here.

How To Use Clipboard On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The feature called clipboard on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be accessed in two ways. We will be looking at both Methods here.

  • Navigate to the space you would like to paste a text from clipboard.
  • Tap on the open space to pull up the Samsung keyboard.

  • Tap on the Up Facing Arrow Located at the top right corner of the keyboard layout.

  • Hit Clipboard and it will pull up the texts stored in clipboard.

The second method is somewhat simply and easily accessible. Just follow the steps below.

  • Locate the space you would like to paste a text you copied to clipboard.
  • Press and Hold on the empty space till you see Paste and Clipboard.

  • Tap on clipboard to pull up all the copied texts.

  • In the clipboard Menu, you can also delete all your copied text. Just in case you don’t want there or maybe you’ve copied a lot of sensitivity information like passwords or PINs. All you have to do is click on the Delete All option and everything is gone.


    If the clipboard on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not good enough for you or you want o to be able to save more than 20 copied text in your clipboard. You can simply download a third-party app for that purpose. There is a whole lot of app like that in the Google play store that store as much as 50. Of course, some of these apps are paid and not free. However, if the 20 Samsung offers is enough then you probably don’t need the extra app.

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