How To Use Dark Mode With Apple Books On iOS Devices


As soon as Apple launched their system-wide Dark Mode with macOS Mojave, people started expecting iOS 13 to launch it on iPhone and iPad too. But know this now, there are applications that are offering dark mode already, read up for how you can use dark mode with Apple Books on your iOS devices.

Apple Books provide manual control of two dark modes and also an Auto-Night Theme possibility. A vital thing to note, if you select the black dark mode for Apple Books during the day, it will switch off the
Auto-Night Theme.

How To Go About It:

1. Launch Apple Books on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Select what you wish to read.
3. Click on your screen to view the menu bar at the top.
4. Click on aA

in the top right corner.
5. Select the black or gray dark mode.
6. Feel free to turn on Auto-Night Theme as you use the white, sepia, or gray modes.
To make things clearer,
After launching Apple Books, select a title and click on the screen to view the options at the top as the same way you see it in the image below:

After that, select the gray or black dark mode option, also see the image below for a comparison of both:

If white, sepia, or gray is pleasing for you during the day, Auto-Night Theme is always available to activate the dark mode.


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