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It is known as the cloud storage platform most used by users. However, many do not know all the functions you can perform such as using Dropbox as a server.

This means that you can use it to store a website directly, but that is in HTML. It is not recommended that it be for more complex pages. We explain what are the steps to follow.

Tutorial to use Dropbox as a web server

This is the procedure you must perform step by step in order to use this storage server in the cloud to save your web page.

Step 1: Website Creation

The first thing you should do is create your portal, if you have not yet created it, on a local hard drive. This is an extremely important step, even though it is a basic server.

Having this created you must keep the folder that is created for the next step.

Step 2: Synchronization with Dropbox

Then, to use Dropbox as a server you must access your account (if you have not created it, you can learn to do it here). Upload the site folder to the folder named ” Public of having created the page. You must attach it to the Dropbox folder.

It should be noted that if your user created it after the date of October 2012, then you will not have the folder available. However, you can enable it 


Step 3: Display the Page

Now you must 

go to Dropbox > Public where you must find the folder corresponding to the one of your created website.

Then you must click on one of the HTML files with the right mouse button. You must choose the one you want to view online and select the option that says “Copy public link“.

This way you can use Dropbox as a server since when you insert this link in the browser bar the website will appear. Having this configured you can send the page to the people you want to see it.

Extra step: Shortening

In case you want to use Dropbox as a server, but the link to your page is extremely long, we recommend using a link shortener. There are lots of options you can use on the web.

You can also share it in a much more manageable and accessible for people.

Believe it or not, with this storage server in the cloud you can store your site without any problem. Following these simple steps is that you will be able to use Dropbox as a web server quickly and without any complications.

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