How To Use Dual SIM on iPhone XS and XS Max: eSIM war

If you would like to use dual SIM on iPhone XS and XS Max then you’re in the right spot. The new range of iPhones – iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR – was announced not long ago and surprisingly, we saw an unexpected dual SIM support. First ever in any iPhone ever made. However, the dual SIM support on the three new iPhones came with a twist. Unlike the standard dual SIM we see on other Smartphones that come with dual Nano SIM slots or Micro and Nano SIM slots like we are used to. The three new iPhone comes with standard Nano SIM and an eSIM (or virtual SIM), similar to the Google Pixel 2 and 2XL. If you don’t know what an eSIM is, we’ve given a detailed explanation about it. Just continue reading…

How To Use Dual SIM On iPhone XS and XS Max

The Dual SIM support on the iPhone XS and XS Max comes with one Nano SIM and one eSIM. If it had come with two Dual Nano SIM then the process will be a lot more easier as you could easily just pull out the SIM tray, Slot in your SIM and boom! You’re in business. You can still do that here with the iPhone XS and XS Max but with only one SIM. The Sim tray is located at the side of the device for the physical Nano SIM while the eSIM which stands for embedded SIM has evidently been embedded inside the phone.

To set up the eSIM on your iPhone XS or XS Max you’ll first have to make sure that the network provider you’re about to use supports the use of eSIM. If not, then you’ll need to find another mobile operator that does if you want to use dual SIM cards on your iPhone. Currently, only about 10 countries in the world have mobile operators with support for eSIM. If You’re luckily in any of those 10 countries then all you have to is follow the steps below.

How To Use eSIM on iPhone XS and XS Max

Chances are, you already know how to set up the Nano SIM card part as your previous phone probably uses that and you only need help with the eSIM part which is relatively new. To set up the eSIM, you can use a QR code which is obtainable from any mobile operator with support for eSIM.

– On your iPhone XS or XS Max, Go to the Settings Menu by Tapping on the Settings App.

– Click on Cellular and Tap on Add Cellular Plan.

– This will use the camera to scan the QR code provided by your carrier provider. Be sure to point the camera to the QR Code.

– Once the scan is complete, you might be required to input a code which will also be provided to you by your carrier provided.

Alternatively, you can download the carrier’s app and activate it from within the app. Just go to your app store, Download the carrier’s app, from there you can activate it by purchasing a Cellular plan.


The procedure to use Dual SIM on iPhone XS and XS Max is a fairly easy one as your carrier provider should also guide you through the process, especially with the new eSIM. If you run into any trouble while setting up the eSIM, be sure to leave us a comment down below and we will see to it.

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