How to use Evil King Media on Smart TV


Evil King Media on Smart TV

Finally, we are here: from today the new Evil King Media app is also available for Smart TVs of any brand or model.

It was one of the most anticipated programs of the last few months for lovers of streaming and finally, all Smart TV owners can run to use Evil King Media!

Such as?

Simply go to this address using the browser included in your Smart TV:

Very simple!

And so without downloading or installing anything you can enjoy (almost) all the advantages offered by  Evil King Media on Smart TV too.

No application to download or install, no long or complex procedure to follow: a few simple steps to see everything you want in streaming for free, but above all sports, games, football, F1, MotoGP and sporting events in general.

Evil King Media password

In case of password request, here's what you need to enter:

  • HAREM: ekmhard
  • IPTV: ekmtv

So, what are you waiting for to try Evil King Media on your Smart TV? Let us know in the comments what you think of this incredible program.

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