In this guide, we will be teaching how to use EZcast To Connect Mac To TV. If you’ve always wanted to watch movies or play games on a bigger screen, then EZcast is what you need. With it, you can mirror your MacBook screen to your TV easily. Once it is set up, everything on your MacBook screen shows up on your TV. EZcast is similar to the Google Chromecast – they both offer somewhat the same abilities.

Much like the Google Chromecast, the EZcast also has some requirements which we will be listed below:

  • An EZcast HDMI Dongle.
  • MacBook with MacOS 10.9 or higher.

  • TV with an HDMI Port (Very important) and a USB Port (Not important)

  • The EZcast App For MacBook. Download EZcast App For Mac Here.

Once you’ve got the all the above necessary requirements needed to Use EzCast to connect Mac to TV, then you can follow the steps below carefully.

How To Use EzCast To Connect Mac To TV

  • Plug in the EZcast HDMI Dongle to the HDMI port on your TV and Plug the EZcast HDMI Dongle USB port to either your TV USB port or any other power source to power the device.
  • Using your TV Remote, Put your TV in HDMI Mode. An SSID and Password will be displayed on-screen.

  • Once that is set, Download the EZcast App for Mac the above link and install it on your MacBook.

  • Now, Turn on WiFi on your MacBook and search for available networks. You should see the “EZcast Vinsmart” or only “Vinsmart” as one of the available networks. Click on it and Connect to the WiFi network using the password being displayed on your TV screen.

  • Once your MacBook is connected to the EZcast Vinsmart WiFi network, the Airplay Icon will appear at the top right side of the screen – besides the WiFi signal Icon or Bluetooth signal Icon.

  • Click on it and Select “Mirror Vinsmart-XXXXXXX” to start mirroring your MacBook screen to your TV.

  • You can now stream the contents of your MacBook to your TV screen. All you have to do is locate the video you would like to watch on a bigger screen. Play it on your MacBook, Sit back and relax and enjoy the display on your big screen TV.

    In case you also want an alternative, you can try out the Google Chromecast. It’s also pretty easy to use and inexpensive. We’ve written a step by step guide on how to set up Google Chromecast Just in case you have one laying idle at home or decide to go get one.


    Using EZcast to connect Mac to TV is a fairly simple process as you’ve seen. However, if you happen to run into any trouble while setting yours up or need clarification on some steps, don’t hesitate to drop a comment and we’ll be Happy to help.

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