How to use Find My Mobile to find your Samsung Galaxy


Have you lost your Samsung smartphone? Do not panic!

The nightmare of every smartphone or tablet owner (especially if just purchased) is to lose their precious device. Fortunately, Samsung has provided everything: thanks to Find My Mobile, in fact, it is possible to find the lost device with considerable ease.

This is a free service which you can use provided you have access to your Samsung account, usually made at the first configuration of the smartphone.

Finding your device is easier with Find My Mobile

This feature is not new for Android smartphones: however, Find My Mobile has been optimized just for the devices of the Korean giant. There are also apps offered by the other smartphone producers, but the software we are talking about at the moment is the most complete.

How does it work

If you're signed in to your Samsung account during the initial setup, the app is most likely already active even if you've never noticed it.

To check that on your device is already active Find My Mobile, check this way:

  • go to Settings
  • click Lock screen and security
  • Choose Find my mobile phone

If it is not active, the device will ask you to enable the option via the Samsung account. Eventually, it is good practice to activate all the options related to the app in question.

Among them, there are some rather interesting that allow you to make a backup remotely, retrieve logs of calls and messages, enable (always remotely) the battery saving mode and many other small but useful feature.

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As far as tracking your device is concerned, the Google location service provides extremely crucial location information at a time when you're looking for a lost device. Find My Mobile the last position will monitor the battery of the device, sending its last known position immediately before it is eventually turned off.

The actual tracking

Samsung does not have an app that you can use on another phone to track down a lost device. Instead, you can use any browser (mobile or desktop) to visit and, once there, log in to your account to select the device you are looking for.

If it is on, you will see its current position and the percentage of the battery still available. A popup will also provide a series of actions to be taken on the lost mobile phone as already described.

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