How To Use Gmail’s New "Schedule Send" Feature?


Gmail recently marked its 15th birthday. Can you blame them? With users close to 20 percent of the world's population, there are lots of things to throw a party for. But these users need ways to do more with the platform from Google and the mega American multinational technology company recently proved that they know that too.

Days back, Google updated Gmail to improve it for users and make it more robust than its ever being.

Do you want to compose a new mail right now and schedule it to send itself after several seconds, minutes, hours, days, months? Google has you covered with its latest feature.

It is very simple to use. If you logged into your Gmail account via the browser, when your mail is composed, tap the arrow close to the send button, tap Scheduled send and then decide on when you want it sent.

If its via the Gmail application, click the three stacked dots close to the send arrow, then choose Schedule send. Once more, a menu becomes visible, allowing you to decide on when exactly you want it sent.

If you later decide to re-schedule the message, it can be done by opening the email and going over the steps again, or you can just erase it.

"Write now, Send later" is presently appearing in Gmail accounts all over the world, but it is possible that it is not visible in yours yet, so just be patient, it will get to your turn soon enough.

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