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Google Photos

Storage has always been an issue on iOS Powered devices like iPhones and iPads. People with low storage capacity on their iPhone or iPad like 32GB or 64GB mostly run out of storage quickly. Of course you can backup your photos to iCloud to free up space but you’re only given 5GB which isn’t enough most time and will require you to upgrade to a much bigger plan like 50GB, 200GB or even 2TB if you really want to backup your files. Google photos does the same but their amount of free storage is significantly higher, giving you 15GB. I know, 15GB isn’t much in this time and day but it’s a lot better than what iCloud is offering.

That’s one reason to Use Google Photos on iPhone and iPad. Other reasons for wanting to use Google photos on iPhone or iPad would be that you want to make the switch from iOS to Android and want to take all you photos along with you or you simply just prefer Google photos as you photo Library. Whichever might be the case, we’ve got you covered with how to go about it.

How To Use Google Photos On iPhone or iPad

First things First, you’ll need to have a Google Account. If you don’t have a Google account then you can’t make use of the Google Photos which is part of the Google Suite. If you’ve used Gmail, YouTube or any other Google services then you already have a Google account. However, you’ll need to make sure that you’re okay with Google account you’re about to use being tied with your photos. Once you have the Google account you would like to use ready, then we can proceed.

– First, Go to the Apple App Store, Search for “Google Photos” and Download the App.

– After downloading the Google Photos App, Launch the App and you’ll be required to login to a Google account. Input your Google account details and Log In.

– Immediately you log in, you’ll be asked if you’d like to back up $ Sync and also if you would like to use cellular data if there is no WiFi to back up your photos.

– Toggle the Back up & Sync option to turn it on. You can turn on the backup using cellular data too if you’re on an unlimited data plan. If not, leave it off. After that, click on continue.

– On the next page, select the photo quality you would like to backup. Tip: Choosing High Quality won’t affect your 15GB free storage space and it won’t be forced to reduce the quality of your photos.

– After Choosing a photo quality, Hit Continue and the process will begin automatically, provided you’re connected to a WiFi network or turned on the option to use cellular data when there is no WiFi network available.

– The more photos you have, the longer the backup process will take. Be patient.

– Once the Process is done, you’ll be take to the Google Photos Home interface. From here you can play around with the Menus and setting to suite your taste.


Once your photos have been safely backed up to Google Photos, you can then delete the photos off your phone to free up more space if you wish. Google photos has a neat way of doing this. Simply open the Google photos App, Click on the three lines at the top left side and select free up space. This will automatically detect all the photos backed up and ask you if you want to delete them from your device since it’s already backed up. Click on remove to delete the photos.

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