How To Use Google’s New Feature To Shield Your Text Messages From Spammers

SMS has been here for a long time. Beginning as small messages of about 160 characters, SMS applications now appear as a fully functional and feature-loaded internet messaging services, such as the Facebook and Whatsapp of this world that we have become used to. Like every messaging platform we’ll find around, SMS inboxes is also a target for spam and junk mail. However, there is good news. Google has a solution to that for users that are tired of filtering through several spam messages to get to the messages they really want to check out.

The new anti-spam features let users block spammers completely from their inbox. Users also get to report other persistent spammers that manage to still escape this blockade. Another enticing aspect of this new feature is the way you can have access to Google’s list of suspected spammers and figure out which of the messages are really spam and those you do not wish to ever see again. Google expatiated on this feature HERE.

Immediately you get the anti-spam feature on your device, turning it ON or OFF would be possible. To locate this button, head to the settings menu for messages and tap the Advanced button. This ensures the feature is set to ON automatically for every user who receives it.

You might be thinking about the reason why a user would wish to turn off an anti-spam feature, but privacy
champions might find faults with this. To work effectively, data about all your messages have to get to Google, even though this data does not have to include the content of the messages or your phone number. With Google, despite being really huge, not one to have enjoyed the trust they crave from the general public, there might be a few people who will find it hard to have faith in this.

This is just the most recent effort Google is using to protect your Android phone from the frustrating spammers looking for whom to devour. Google also has brand new features in the Google Phone App that will instantly and automatically send unwanted calls and spams to voicemail. Cool right?

At this moment, these new anti-spam features are not available to all Android users. With its limited release, you’ll have to be lucky to be one of the beneficiaries to receive a notification about spam protection when next you open the Messages app. For the rest of us, there is no other choice but to wait for a broader release.

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