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Revealing your payment information online can be very risky with several concerns around cybersecurity and theft of private details or cash. However, online payment platforms like Paypal have made everything safe and secure for you.

PayPal is very comfortable to use and simple to navigate, and your payment information gets stored on your account, eradicating the need to type in your card details every single time you want to pay. PayPal knows your security is a top priority, so it encrypts and monitors your financial details and transactions to prevent fraud and theft.

The company will also be the first to tell customers that there are regular updates to its systems to prevent external threats that might want to tamper with your data. All this and more makes PayPal one of the best payment platforms in the world but it does not end there.

From time to time, PayPal proves that they only want the best for their customers with services that are geared towards helping them. The latest one is “PayPal Checkout,” and it is one you should take advantage of as soon as possible. See How To Use PayPal Checkout:

How Can I Use PayPal Checkout?

PayPal Checkout, formerly referred to as PayPal Express Checkout, is a tool created for online sellers. This tool lets customers purchase items easily, without having to type in their shipping and billing details. This gets a customer’s personal and payment info transmitted seamlessly to the merchant. It also makes shipping online faster and simpler than ever for sellers and buyers.

PayPal Checkout totally gets rid of the need for customers to always type their billing and shipping information when buying something online. Instead, on websites that enable PayPal Checkout, they can just log in with their PayPal username and password, choose the payment method already linked to their PayPal account, and their purchase will be wrapped up.

PayPal Checkout

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Paypal will now send the payment info to the business so the items can be shipped and the customer does not have to do anything else. PayPal Checkout could boost sales because of how it is simple to use, letting customers buy directly from item description pages or their shopping cart.

PayPal Checkout

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However, you must know that the service will cost something, and it is not free. Businesses that decide to use PayPal Checkout get charged a 2.9% fee, plus $0.30 for every transaction. But since no startup fee or monthly fee is needed here, several sellers still fancy it as a brilliant option for their businesses.

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