How To Use Skye Bank Transfer Code and Short Code *833#

The Sky Bank Transfer Code, also know as SkyeMobile Banking, Sky Bank USSD Code Or Sky Bank short Code is a code that is used to carry out banking transactions on mostly feature phones – phones that don’t have internet access. Smartphone users can also make use of the code too. The code is used to transfer money from your Skye Bank account to another Skye bank account or any other bank account. You can also use to do various other banking transactions like buy airtime, pay bills or even open a new Skye bank account among other things.

How To Register For SkyeMobile Banking *833#

Registering for the SkyeMobile Banking is very easy provided you have the requirements. First, you must have the phone number linked to your Skye bank account. Once you have the phone number, you can then proceed to follow the steps below.

– Dial *833# on the phone number linked to your Skye bank account.

– Fill in the requirements by providing your Account number and creating a 4 Digits PIN to be used as your authentication method when carrying a transaction. (Different from your debit or credit card PIN)

Once all that is set up, you’re now able to make use of the Skye Bank Transfer Code.

How To Open An Account With *833#

If you don’t already have a Skye bank account, you can open one with the USSD Code. Just follow the steps below.

– Dial *833# and Choose option 1 or dial *833 *1#.

– You’ll be asked to provide your surname, name, etc.

– Fill those in correctly and submit.

Your account will be opened for you and your account number sent to via SMS.

How To Transfer Money With Skye Bank Transfer Code

Transferring money from your Skye bank to another Skye bank account or any other bank account is easy if you know the code to dial. Follow the steps below to do just that.

– Dial *833 *Amount *Account Number# on your the phone number linked to your Skye bank account. For example, *83 *5000* Account Number#.

– Once you dial the code, you’ll be provided with a list of banks to choose from. Choose the bank of the person you would like to transfer the money to.

– Once you choose a bank, you’ll be asked to input your 4 Digits PIN to verify and carry out the transaction.

How To Buy Airtime With Skye Bank Short Code

If your phone number is linked to your Skye Bank account, then you can buy airtime from your bank account using the USSD code. You can also buy for others if you want. To do that, follow the steps below.

– Dial *833 *Amount * Phone Number#. For example, *833 *500 *08011223344#

– If you have more than one bank account linked to your phone number, then you’ll have to choose from which account to recharge from.

– Do that and Select the network you would like recharge then use your 4 Digit PIN to complete your transactions.

Other Transactions With Skye Bank Transfer Code

You can also pay bills with the code. To do that, dial *833*2# and select from the merchants/service providers you would like to pay for. Enter the amount you want to pay and authenticate with your 4 Digit PIN.

To check your Skye Bank Account balance using the USSD code, dial *833 *6# or dial *833# and Select the 6th option. Enter your account number if Requested and authenticate with your 4 Digit PIN to finalize the transaction.

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